Unhidden Valley Ranch Farts

we were here

and we wish you were too

this list is life

and farts!

this picture should hang at the MoMA

this ranch sauce should
be served everywhere

leftovers?  not bloody likely

indigestion?  bloody likely

hollandaise holiday sauce

black gold, Bloomington tea

this is our brains on college

any questions?

biz sinking at Nick’s
is always mandatory

woman in the background was shocked that we were able to
capture the pour in mid-flight

blue drinks for all!

good tasting drinks for none!

rough nite for somebody

but sometimes a necessary evil

and now for the ‘cultural’
part of our tour

Zells yeah!!!

fighting Illini? more like losing Illini!!!

if you can read these
you don’t need glasses

and probably also have a tiny penis

IU Cinema is a bestestestest

and so was seeing the Cary Grant / Katherine Hepburn comedy Holiday

we’d follow the RHCP cover band
Funky Monks practically anywhere…

…there’s 8 cent beer
and 18 year old women


does not compute

America, where everything’s bigger, not necessarily better

you lighters up our lives

boob grab!!!

but the question is, real boobs???


LOL!!!! continued


looking for ranch farts from years past?  YOU GOT IT!!!

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  1. everything about this.

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