A Head Above The (B)re(a)st

this boob job ad has been stirring up a lil bit of controversy recently

made in new york

but the bigger problem plaguing society…

who is the model with the breasts???


stock photos call her ‘attractive blonde girl portrait with big breasts’

boobs revealed

and then we figured out that the photo was taken by Zdenek Kintr

and that his model is…

Denise Ayverdi

Denise Ayverdi tape

Denise Ayverdi tri

Denise Ayverdi wall

and her boobs weren’t even made in New York.  her mother is Czech and her father is Turkish, and she was born in Germany.  She splits her time between the Czech Republic and Australia.  last time we looked at an atlas, none of those places were in New York

Denise Ayverdi red


and it’s not even the first time her stock boobs have been used!

bimbo bundle2


bless her boobs wherever they were made

and bless all boobs everywhere!!!

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2 Responses to “A Head Above The (B)re(a)st”

  1. stellar investigative journalism, sir.

  2. Lovely prostitute!

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