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Herman Blume & Rosemary Cross 4Ever

Hyde Park On Hudson
Rushmore 2ish
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R | 94 min

You love Wes Anderson’s Rushmore.  Of course you do.  A sequel will never EVER happen, but what if there was another movie pairing Herman Blume (Bill Murray) & Rosemary Cross (Olivia Williams), but instead of them being Herman Blume & Rosemary Cross, they were FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt?  What if I told you that this movie ALSO included hand jobs (but spankfully not ones given to or from Eleanor Roosevelt)?  Well, that’s sorta what Roger Michell‘s Hyde Park On Hudson is, with some FDR cousin (Laura Linney) loving & royal visiting from those blokes from The King’s Speech (Bertie stuttered here by Samuel West & the not so mum Queen mum by Olivia Colman) tossed in.  This movie is barely a movie, as the plot is basically whether or not the King of England will eat a hot dog or not, but this barely movie is totally watchable, cause Billy Murray as FDR getting mad action while not being able to use his legs is totally watchable.  Doesn’t that sound totally watchable?

Verdictgo: low end Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Hyde seeks in NY & LA today, and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Instagram: The Movie

Moonrise Kingdom
Merit Badger
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PG-13 | 94 min

Moonrise Kingdom might juss be the mos Wes Andersonian Wes Anderson movie there ever was was.  Instead of adults acting like kids, MK has kids (LOTS OF THEM!) acting like kids!  Instead of modern folks wearing vintage threads, using out of date audiovisual equipment and reading crusty old looking books, it’s of the day folk (1965) wearing threads, using audiovisual equipment and reading new looking books that will all eventually become vintage!  It’s got characters with character names that have more character than this restaurant.  Names like Gadge, Lazy Eye, Nickleby, Skotak, Lionel, Roosevelt, Izod, and Redford give the Tenenbaums & Steve Zissou & Raleigh St Clair & et al a run for their precious money.  It even has a ski-capped Bob Balaban as an on-screen narrator.  CAN WE GET ANY MORE ANDERSONIAN THAN THAT!  Oh, and it’s got kids who have absent parent figures.  Oh, and Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman are in it. Oh, and the film’s color looks like it was filmed with Instagram.  Wait, did Wes Anderson invent Instagram?

So is being the mos Wes Andersonian Wes Anderson movie there ever was was a great, good or bad thing?  To be perfectly honest, we have yet to make up our mind, and have already resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably need to see this flick again before delivering a real final verdict.  Well, if we want to see it again, that’s gotta mean this shiz is f#$king the biz-quick, yo!  Right?  Well, it’s definitely not the biz-quick, but it’s certainly not the limited Darjeeling Limited neither.  Moonrise Kingdom has a lot of heart, which is a wonderful quality for any movie to have (it’s what made MiB3 totally watchable!), but that heart didn’t somehow penetrate our own heart.  We’re not heartless (unless we’re talking Clooney or Apatow), but we juss couldn’t give our complete love and devotion to Moonrise Kingdom.  Maybe we’re still jaded with the Andersonian world, which started with Zissou, and kinda had a reprieve with his Fantastic Mr Fox, but Moonrise puts Anderson right back in Andersonland, and it feels like we’ve sorta been here, done that before

True, Wes (with writing help from Roman Coppola) has never given us a boy scout adventure, but he has taken us to an island before, treated us to amateur theater, and had kids write letters and read them aloud.  Since it’s been there/done that territory, gonna briefly explain the plot in Andersonian terms: A less annoying Max Fischer (Jared Gilman) has found his Rushmore, not in the Khaki Scouts (led by scoutmaster Edward Norton), but in the eyes of a girl that reeks of young Margot Tenenbaum (Kara Hayward).  Things stand in the way like un-understanding parents (Murray, Frances McDormand), but that won’t stop faux Max from carrying out his well laid out plan. (which would make Bottle Rocket‘s Dignan proud) of escaping with his beloved young Margot.  (this flick reminds us of the kids in love movie Melody).  Cuteness and zaniness ensues, and Bruce WillisHarvey Keitel, and Tilda Swinton pop up, but don’t really stand out.  Then the movie gets Andersonianish and so on and so forth.  Roll credits

moral of the story – like we said, hard to make a final judgement without seeing it a 2nd time, but that has gotta be a somewhat good sign, since we didn’t even want to bother seeing Zissou or Darjeeling a second time.  but why didn’t it hit us on the first time?   have we had enuff of Andersonian stuffs? well, we could never get enuff of his 2nd to none production design, but how many times can we sit thru the same basic movie but with different vintage threads, audiovisual equipment and old crusty books?  dunno, probably like 5 more times, AND THEN THAT’S IT ANDERSON!!!

Quiet Riot: this is where that was

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Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers?  Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badgers?

Moonrise rises today in NY/LA only, and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


How Do You Like Dem
Hermit Crab Apples?

Get Low
Six Feet Underdone
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Robert Duvall is an old man.  In Aaron Schneider‘s Get Low, with script by Chris Provenzano & C. Gaby Mitchell, he gets older, and crankier, and beardier and hermitierer and talks to animals at his cabin compound deep in the woods.  One day, after visiting the town, and realising that everyone thinks he’s a nutter and a million other things, from stories passed down and along, he decides it may be time to set the record straight before he perishes.  So he decides to have a funeral… WHILE HE’S ALIVE!!!!  SNAPPPPPages!!!!  Interesting idea!!!  So he hires local funeral parlorists Bill Murray (providing much needed, albeit mild comic relief) and Lucas Black (who always looks like a bewildered kid in any movie he’s been in) to take care of all the details.  And there are lots of details cause Duvall wants a big party and a raffle, with the winner taking all of his lands!  Damns!!  Sounds like we got ourselves a rootin-tootin hootenanny on our hands!  We do!  But we don’t!!

Duvall’s hiding something and we wait and wait for him to reveal this hidden secret, and although all of this hullabaloo is upsetting to old flame Sissy Spacek and old pal Bill Cobbs (not Bill Cosby), it’s most upsetting to us, the dear viewer, when we finally find out what it be and it be something not really worth the waiting around for.  Damns!  Oh well.  The picture is still a pretty one, dripping with sepia tones of home, and Duvall is grand as the licking his lips, mumblin bumpkin, and Bill Murray is Bill Murray, so we guess you could get down wit Get Low, but we just wished they aimed and got a lil higher

Tennesseein’ Is Tennebelievin’: this flick was actually based on the true story of Felix ‘Bush’ Breazeale, who threw himself a funeral party before he dieds!! here’s a pic of his gravestone and here’s a pic of him at the party!!!  Sometimes the truth is stranger and mo interesting than fiction!!!

[pic via TSLA]

VerdictgoSum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Low stays purty low in NY & LA only this Friday, and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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