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Special K

when New York City’s in trouble – who you gonna call?

Pat Kiernan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

morning news anchor icon… to us

pat kkkkk

patty k

as for the rest of yous…

Hollywood’s anchor!

who you’ve probably seen in a sh!t-ton of movies, playing himself, and had no idea who he was!!

some more samplings…

Ghostbusters (2016)

pat ghostbusters

Daredevil (TV)

daredevil pat k

Nurse Jackie (2014)

Annie (2014)


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Night at the Museum

pat k night at the musuem

bless you PK – long may your star glow – on the little AND big screen!!!

pat k


The Show Must Egon

Bustin’ Loose
Official Site | Trailers & Mo
PG-13 | 105 min


THEY DID IT – THEY MADE A GHOSTBUSTERS – WITH WOMEN!!!  And the world will survive it, and the world will move on.  Blasphemy doesn’t exist anymore cause nothing is sacred.  In our lifetime Citizen Kane will get a remake or a sequel or a prequel or a shequel.  Maybe even Jesus will get a reboot.  But you know what, life and art has been repeating and imitating itself for centuries, so why not juss give up and accept the misery, especially when the results are sometimes not awful

Ghostbusters 2016 is NOT awful.  It’s actually 2/3rds really good, and then in the final 1/3rd of the film – a little TOO familiar and too much of a good nothing.  But that first 2/3rds – man – the women (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) are FUNny and spunky (McKinnon comes out on top of the four), and the film moves fast and is flashly, and I was all with it!!  But that ending?  You’ve seen it before when it was already called Ghostbusters, and the filmmakers missed an opportunity to make something entitrely new, and make the franchise something truly their own

Now I get it, you want to pay homage and respect to the original, and the cameos of the old timers were nice, and the other nods to the first movie, and to the fans are necessary, but there has to be a limit.  The original was actually a serious movies with perfect humor to offset the scariness.  This new one is all for laughs, and since they’re not taking things too seriously, it’s kinda hard for us to take it seriously either

But then again, a funny Chris Hemsworth is better than a serious one

hemsworth ghostbusters

VerdictgoJeepers Worth A Peepers

Ghostbusters call at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Secret Asian Man

Peace The Forks Out


The Face of Leather

gunnar leatherface



Maureen O’Hara


maureen o hara


The Finest Game Show Host Ever – Jim Perry

jim perry

jim sale of century 

jim card
jim sharks


Big Al Delvecchio

al days happy

al happy days


He Made TV Mobiles


munster mobile


the guy who wrote



Allen Toussaint

Yo! MTV Raps creator



he lit fires to chariots

the dude that gave us theseus!!

ghosbusters logo

lampoon kill this dog

that Indian actor guy!

Philthy Animal

he found a Gateway

Flip Saunders

he was Henry the VIII (who hasn’t?)

he won 4 Stanley Cups

two Olympic golds in 800-meter eventer

he went to two Super Bowls

Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson

former president of South Korea

fifth president of Israel

greatest scout of all time

Cary Grant ‘wife’

he was mad Fly

he netted Maris for the Yanks

Legendary San Fran stripper

some artist

some basketball coach

Don Vito

don vito

Cap’n Mitch

‘Fast Eddie’ Hoh

he had one life to live

IBM’s mainframe main dude

Britain’s most famous brothel keeper

(Bartles &) Jaymes

jaymes bartles

some folk singer

Hobby’s Deli guy

Mars Bar dude


he was Brave

Deadwood guy dead as wood

a Jew who’s twin was a Nazi!!!

skateboarding dog


Details Magazine

many covers of which, lived on my teenage wall

which also gave us the scariest photo I’ve ever seen


The Betamax format

betmax ad

betmax shining


beta hifi

betmax colors


Peace The Forks out to all those people in Paris, and all the people who aren’t famous around the world who have died.  we’re thinking of you :(

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