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This Is What It Sounds Like When Everyone Cries

Peace The Forks Out
Goodnight Sweet


prince cover

prince ball

prinmce music

purple rain

prince bike

prine smooth

purple prince

princ tube

prince rs 2


prince batdance

oprince v

prince eyes open

prince hear

prince 7

prince pic

goodnigth sweet prince

nothing compares 2 u, cause u got the look, u sexy MF.  u made us party like it was 1999, told us to go crazy, get all delirious, live up the pop life, do the batdance - all the sign o the times.  i would die 4 u, or give you diamonds and pearls or a little red corvette.  how about 7 raspberry berets? we’d kiss you if we could, but we longer can.  the cream off the peach is gone.  you were the most beautiful girl man in the world, even on alphabet street.  the thieves in the temple took your life, but we’ll have your music from our generation, to the new power generation, and for every generation 9ever.  this is what it sounds like when doves cry, and when humans do too :(

perviously – when I saw him in 2004


Don’t Cut It Out

for your consideration for awesomenessnessness…

Dan Castellaneta as Aaron Spelling

dan as spelling

aaron spelling

sadly, the two ‘unauthorized’ movies starring him on Lifetime, weren’t so awesome, cause they have about as much drama as an episode of Hey Dude

still, if they keep makin these crapola movies, I’ll keep watchin’ em

cause they cast SO well, like…

Abbie Cobb as Jennie Garth

kelli taylor


and this guy who played faux Full House Bob Saget!!

fake saget


melrose cover

melrose bod squad

melrose rs

cut it out

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