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Zardoz Speaks To You

I wrote about Zardoz for Decider mainly so I could give the world Zardoz gifs

you’re welcome world



I was lucky enough to grow up with an older brother who was James Bond obsessed.  He watched all of the movies on VHS (rented from Erols), and since I was around with little choice in the matter, I watched them too, and equally became obsessed 

Boys of all ages gravitate to James Bond – suave, debonair, cunning, a true man’s man (of the olden times), and a man all boys want to become and all men wish they were

There is no discussion – the best Bond is Sean Connery.  He IS 007, and so much more.  (however the best Bond movie EVER is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which Sean isn’t even in!)

I have always been in love with graphic t-shirts.  When I first started working part-time jobs during my young high school days, one item I always was happy to spend my meager earnings on were tees (as well as CDs  and Popeyes and cigarettes)

I use to take the Metro to Georgetown in DC and ogle at the shirts on display at Smash Records and Commander Salamander (sadly, no longer with us). One of those very first tees I bought after ogling with my newly found purchasing power was one that looked VERY much like the one you see here – and below the Walther PPK carrying Mr Connery, the words ‘Bond, James Bond’ appeared.  So fcuking cool!  At least I thought it was

I was happy and proud to display Sean/James’ beautiful mug when I sported this shirt round town.  Everyone had to be reminded and remember Connery’s greatness, then and now, and now more than ever

Sadly, white shirts and messy me never seemed to have a lasting relationship.  Stains, both on the shirt, and under its pits made it not worth keeping over time.  It has since been donated or tossed a decade or so ago  

The shirt, and Sean, may both be gone, but they will both always be with me.  I will never wear them out in my mind and in my heart

Thank you Sean.  You were pure class.  And your accent was perhaps the best that ever was 

And you were the man, now, then and for always, dog

man talk


Trailer? TrailHIM!!

thank you Pablo Ferro

especially for creating the Clockwork titles AND trailer (using outtakes from the dallies!)

but most importantly, for giving the world the most insane trailer of balls thyme…

THE ZARDOZ TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how do you market a film like Zardoz?

“You market it.” –Pablo Ferro


Hollywürst & Vine

think we’re gonna give this vine thing a go

until we/you grow tired of it


This Is List: 2011

any similarities between the Washington Post’s In & Out list is purely poorincidental…



Tron Guy

Zardoz Girl

Rex Ryan’s Ego

Rex Reed’s Id

Sh!t My Dad Says

Sh!ts Celebs Take


Chiwetel Ejiofor

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Don’t Ask Speak & Spell

LeBron’s Decision

Rerun’s Precision

Boston Accents

Ballston Accents

Zach Galifianakis

George Papadapolis

Keith David

David Keith

Trapped Miners

Trapper Keepers

TSA Pat-Downs

T & A Rub-Downs

‘featuring Nicki Minaj’

‘featuring Mickey Rooney’



I’m With Coco

I’m Masturbating
With Cocoa Butter

Nancy Pelosi

Yancey Thigpen

Bedbugs Outbreak

Outbreak Steakhouse

Larry King Live

Larry King Dead

Release The Kraken

Don’t Release
Clash of The Titans 2

Sasha Grey’s Hairy Bush

Sasha Grey’s Hairy Brush

Brian Wilson’s Beard

Brian Wilson’s Beard

Stieg Larsson

Gary Larson

Memory Freaks

Mammary Freaks

Steven Slater

Helen Slater

Top Kill

Top Cat

Preventing Forest Fires

Preventing Forest Whitaker

James Franco, All-American



Frail Blog

Meg Whitman’s Warchest

Meg White’s Chest


Lark Voorhies’ Whores

and here’s what was In Oder Aus in the ‘006, the ‘007, the ‘008,  the ‘009 & the ‘010

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