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Woah Wet Nelly!!!

what once was lost has been found!!!!!!!

lotus bond submarine

and now The Spy Who Loved Me Lotus Esprit Series 1 ‘Submarine’ Car CAN BE YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this car was one of six Esprit body shells used in the making of the film, but the only one to be built into a fully operational, self-propelled ‘submarine’.  at the time, the car was said to have cost over $100,000 to create (equivalent to nearly a half million dollars today)

lotus bond

not sure if the sub-car still comes with these features or not

  • ability to turn into a submarine, complete with a telescopic periscope, retractable wheels, four control fins, four rear propellers and two stabilizing fins (rudders)
  • liquid cement-spraying jets behind the rear license plate on land and a squid-like ink/oil-spraying jet for underwater use
  • mine dispenser under the car
  • two under-bonnet harpoons
  • four under-bonnet heat-seeking missile launchers (for underwater use)
  • four surface-to-air radar-guided missiles

spy bach moore

one version of the car is on display at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, as a part of their ‘Bond In Motion’ exhibit 

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Indian Giver & Taker

remember Sacheen Littlefeather???

she and Marlon Brando totally hated Roger Moore & Liv Ullmann so much that they refused to accept his Academy Award for fattest actor of 1973

Roger Moore was like, but we will trade you 3 beaver pelts and some maize for that Oscar and all of Nebraska

and she was like, eff that shiz.  you have disgraced our people long enuff, even though you is British and Liv is SwedishFinlandishNorwaylandish, and now I will disgrace myself by taking my clothes off…

for Playboy!! [NSFW]


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