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Shock Puppet

Nien Nunb is not only not real, but he was a puppet!!!

He has a very likable look with those big, black eyes and big stuck-out ears – he kind of reminded me a little bit of Dopey from Snow White.’

                                                  – puppeteer Mike Quinn


Crumb & Crumber

I could not find the true origin/meaning behind this picture of Return of The Jedis Salacious B Crumb sitting on a toilet, reading Playboy, but apparently finding out who/what/when/where/why/how will now be my life’s mission


Skiff Competition

Ralph McQuarrie‘s cover art for 1987’s Golden Sunlands by Christopher Rowley

looks oddly/skiffly familiar/similar

to his conceptual artwork done for George Lucas and Return of The Jedi!!!!

although I think Jedi woulda been a bit better with giant flying catfish wombats!!!


Wookieepedia – skiff

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