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Special K

when New York City’s in trouble – who you gonna call?

Pat Kiernan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

morning news anchor icon… to us

pat kkkkk

patty k

as for the rest of yous…

Hollywood’s anchor!

who you’ve probably seen in a sh!t-ton of movies, playing himself, and had no idea who he was!!

some more samplings…

Ghostbusters (2016)

pat ghostbusters

Daredevil (TV)

daredevil pat k

Nurse Jackie (2014)

Annie (2014)


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Night at the Museum

pat k night at the musuem

bless you PK – long may your star glow – on the little AND big screen!!!

pat k


Cast & Crewcuts

Albert Finney is shaved for his role as ‘Daddy’ Oliver Warbucks for the movie version of Annie, April 16, 1981 in New York City

Albert Finney

Albert Finney

photo by Yvonne Hemsey


The Mack Trinidadddy

remember how totally awesome this totally awesome guy was?

oh, you mean the 7-Up guy with that crazy guffaw?

yeah, Geoffrey Holder!!!!!!!!!!

good news, he’s still alive!!

praise jeebus


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