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Eyes Wide Set

Eyes Wide Shut‘s ‘New York’ set, constructed at Pinewood Studios

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Data Entry

Rhoda C Fine – teaches kids on film, TV and commercial sets.  Her students have included – Anna Paquin, Michelle Williams, Evan Rachel Wood, Reese Witherspoon, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, Haley Joel Osment, Mario Lopez and the cast of The Goonies! 

Her Goonies photo gallery is one for the ages…


The Lasting Supper

The [Midsommar] food was styled by Zoe Hegedus, a chef from Hungary (where the movie was filmed), who made a point of not making it look new Nordic style, but similarly wanted ‘a lot of Scandanavian cooking techniques’ to preserve the food. It was, she says, ‘Important to stay rustic and raw, really raw.’ [zoe_hegedus|NYMag]


Days of Moving Heaven and Earth

When we finally found the location for Days of Heaven, I learned that because the Hutterite farmers were going to harvest the wheat in 6 weeks I would only have four weeks to design, build and dress the house and buildings around it. We were too young to know it couldn’t be done! We did it with some great carpenters, design shortcuts and a lot of luck. I hired a lot of young Hutterite boys to work every Sunday after church to help in construction.

Production Designer Jack Fisk / photos by Janit Baldwin


Cinematographer Nestor Alméndros, Camera Operator John Bailey and a prop scarecrow

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