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This Is List – 2019

another year has passed gas, and what a wet fart 2018 was.   The Washington Post does an In/Out list thing, ushering what’s coming and what’s going in 2019, and we’ve been doing our own version of said list since 2006(!!!).  our list is always IN!  join IN the fun!




The Mueller Report

The Mullet Report

Arianna & Pete

Pete & Pete


Slow Weed

This Is Us

Give Us Us Free


The Steelers’ Itsy Bitsy
Teenie Weenie Yellow
Polkadot Bikini

Sister Jean

Parker Brothers

Starbucks’ Racial-Bias Education

“I like my coffee like I like my women, black”

Elon Musk

Elon Cuffs

Keith David

David Keith

Amazon HQ2

Sears SixFtUnder

Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Life

The Conners

The Donners

Beto O’Rourke

Beta O’Cam

Yanny or Laurel

Manny & Olga’s


White ZinfanDell Curry

Midterm Elections

Midwood Erections

Tide POD Challenge

listening to P.O.D. Challenge

Les Moonves

Moon Vests

Brett Kavanaugh

Sally Ann Cavanaugh

The Romanoffs

The Saxe-Coburg
and Gotha-ers

Street Tacos

Sewer Coq Au Vin

‘Girls  Like You’

Weird Al’s ‘Girls Like Poop’



resurgence of 
Freddie Mercury

resurgence of
Shreddy Mercury

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Jennifer Taylor-Clarke

Bert and Ernie are gay

Bert and Ernie sleigh

Three Identical Strangers

Three Identical Perfect Strangers

Hugh Dancy

Hugh Dancey

and here’s what was In Oder Aus in the ’006, the ’007, the ’008, the ’009, the ‘010, the ‘011, the ‘012, the ‘013, the ‘014, the ‘015, the ‘016, the ‘017, the ‘018


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ReFLETCHions of You and Me

ever wonder why Fletch hated Tommy Lasorda so much???

screenwriter Andrew Bergman says that the famous baseball manager cameoed in a deleted sports-fantasy sequence that featured Fletch pitching for his Dodgers. Unfortunately, all the cut scenes have been lost [EW]

Chevy Chase, Tommy La Sorda, Kirk Douglas, Jack Valenti on set at Dodgers Stadium, 1985

and apparently lost to history are also deleted scenes of Fletch as a Los Angeles Kings goalie

and I want to see ALL of the Chevy-Kareem footage.  ALL OF IT!!!

[FletchWon & Dog Star Omnibus]


When Life Gives You Meadowlark Lemon, Make Meadowlark Lemonade

Peace The Forks Out


Frey Guy

glenn frey


Gruffy Loggia



The Stoned Temple Pilot



lemmy motorhead


The Voice of
Disney’s Robin Hood

disney robin hood



schinder one day at a time



Trapper John

Haskell Wexler

Vilmos Zsigmond

Dolph Schayes

Dave Henderson

Natalie Cole

the best Marchibroda ever!


the voice of Boba Fett

Ellsworth Kelly


a Mott the Hoopler

Lawrence Phillips

Ghostbusters Mayor

ghosbusters mayor

he was in Hitchock’s Rope – one of Hitch’s best movies!!!!

Bachelor Father daughter

that guy from All My Children

he North Faced the music

Céline Dion’s brother AND husband

Monte Irvin

hot pants mother

Last Survivor of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake!!!

Grizzly Adams!

grizzy adams

his book became Munich

Bee Gees Manager

wrote first ep of Star Trek + 1/2 of Logan’s Run

Oscar Campaign Publicist dude


Specials drummer

Motörhead drummer

Godfather casting director

inventor of the mini-skirt

Fletch’s editor

fletch Richard Libertini

she sang songs

he played a uke in Shallow Hal

Paris brothel lady

Jonestown attack survivor

some old actress

he was served

Norman Mailer’s ex-wife who he stabbed!

Cha Cha

Meadowlark Lemon

meadowlark lemondae meadowlark

Phi Slama Jama coach

Moore Dickie

Hot Rod Williams

a Butler bulldog

some Yankee

some Bullish guy

some American runner

some Soviet heavy

some boxer

that guy from The Lost Boys

lost boys 3

lost boys 2

lost boys

the Williams in Williams-Sonoma

she made room for daddy

Mr Staples

some country singer

Bill Parcells mentor

from a specific hospital

mini American Horror Story-er

Mr Robot

un-yummy Berger


you’re up next!!!!!!!

Ken Beatrice

so long everyone

eagles lebowsku

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