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ReFLETCHions of You and Me

ever wonder why Fletch hated Tommy Lasorda so much???

screenwriter Andrew Bergman says that the famous baseball manager cameoed in a deleted sports-fantasy sequence that featured Fletch pitching for his Dodgers. Unfortunately, all the cut scenes have been lost [EW]

Chevy Chase, Tommy La Sorda, Kirk Douglas, Jack Valenti on set at Dodgers Stadium, 1985

and apparently lost to history are also deleted scenes of Fletch as a Los Angeles Kings goalie

and I want to see ALL of the Chevy-Kareem footage.  ALL OF IT!!!

[FletchWonDog Star Omnibus]


Five Alive

this was the ‘first’ high five EVER
first high five
between Dodgers Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker
on October 2, 1977

watch the 30 for 30 short on it!!!!!!!

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