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Thighs Wide Music 2016

I bought more CDs this year than I probably have in an entire decade!  it’s TRUE!!!! I WILL NOT LET PHYSICAL MEDIA DIE!!!

here’s what I listened to in 2016!!  all certified thightastic!


you know my theory – see your favorite musicians in concert before you or they die…


Live By Night!

toht raiders axl roses guns

Raul Malo @ City Winery

31st Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (Deep Purple / Ste ve Miller / NWA / Chicago / Cheap Trick(  @ Barclays Center

David Gilmour @ Madison Square Garden

Pearl Jam @ Madison Square Garden

Flight of The Conchords @ The Heath at The McKittrick Hotel

Ellie Goulding @ Madison Square Garden

Guns N’ Roses @ MetLife Stadium

Paul McCartney @ MetLife Stadium

Pitbull @ the Prudential Center

Willie Nelson @ the Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk

The Bangles @ Irving Plaza

Jeff Lynne’s E.L.O. @ Radio City Music Hall

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam @ Beacon Theatre

Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds – Celebrating the 50th Anniversary with Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin @ Beacon Theatre

Tidal X 10/15 @ Barclays

Sia @ Barclays

my very first (and long overdue) @PearlJam show was more epic than Epic Records #ImStillAlive

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here’s a bunch of misc music junk from TWS in 2016…


The The and They They

elton bat

freedie darth

believe it or not, in my adolescents, I used to be even angrier about really dumb stuff

mr kite poster

stuff auctioned off from The Estate of the late Syd Barrett, in 2006

billy spakrs

Bantha 8-Tracks

wish you were here outtake


it sucks the most when musicians die, cause you can never relive their greatness visually like you can with actors.  it’s true!


Goodnight Sweet
Prince & Princesses



george martin

glenn frey



changes bowie


Leaders of The Old School

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
The High End Theroy
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
R | 95 min

Don’t know what it would be like to watch a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest if you weren’t a fan, but if yer reading this, you probably are, and probably grooved like mad to their slick rhymes and phat beats in the 90s, aka the last golden era of hip-hop. Where would our ears be without the combined talents of Q-Tip (Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, formerly Jonathan Davis), Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor), Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White (whoever he is :)?  If those four names mean anything to you, then you owe it to yourself to see Michael Rapaport‘s (yes, that Mike Rap) love poem to this seminal group of playful rappers.  You’ll hear the likes of The Beastie Boys, De La Soul, The Roots, Common, Pharrell Williams, et al, spill endless praise, and rightfully so.  While there may not be any giant insight into the crafting of the music (there is barely even a mention of their classic ‘Scenario’), you won’t mind too much as yer head bobs up and down and all around in this greatest hits affair.  The last last third focuses a little too much of Phife’s struggle with diabetes, and his on & off again beef with Tip, but by that point, you see them out on tour again, and the songs remain the same – AWESOME!

Special Thanks: to our neighbor Scott Cassel, who used to drive us to high school, and introduced us to Tribe on those short rides to Richard Montgomery High.  Rocket Pride, Rocket Power

Verdictgo: Jeepers Mos Def Worth A Peepers

BR&L: TToATCQ has lyrics to go in NY & LA today, and elsewhere elsehwhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Carbs Rule Everything Around Me

Rock The Bells
Governors Island
August 28th

Bells were rocked at Rock The Bells, and sometimes they weren’t rocked at all, this past Saturday on Shutter Island.  Was it all a 7 layer dream, or was DiCaprio the killa bee on the swarm?????  What are we talkings about?  Dunno.  It was a hazy shade of a summer day out there on that isle, where we stayed awhile and did Coke in the Coke Den

no silly, it was the kind of Coke that you dranks, not that powdery shit you put up your nose that does nothing but keep you up til 6am and makes yer jaw twitch more than that dude’s head in Jacob’s Ladder

check out these other hot photos of Coked up Bells Rockaszzz

Boy oh boyzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!  Slick Rick was slick AND Rick.  KRS-One was like KRS-2.  Rakim paid us in full.  Jedi Mind Tricks didn’t work on us.  THOSE AREN’T THE DROIDS WE WERE LOOKING FOR!!!  Maybe these two were the ones we were looking for…

Lauryn Hill’s set was an absolute mess, but think that had more to do with the fact that she used a live band to support her jams and that band sounded like scooby DOO-DOO POOP POOP.  Very disappointing, but at least she showed up (late), as opposed to snot at all, like she did in MD yesterday (stop making excuses Talib).  No worries dun sun, cause Tribe Called Quest KICKED IT, YES THEY CANS.  No doubtttles they dids!!!!!!!!!!  5ft assasin wit the ruff neck bidness, and then the Clan took to the stage and we all screamed PROTECT YA NECK, cause our necks were so rockings the bells from THEIR AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!  think we’ve now seen em in concert like 5 times and everytime it’s like water for chocolate and a touch of heaven and a touch of mink!!! WU-TANG 5EVAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!  we skipped Snoop cause West Coast is the durst coast and Nate Dogg wasn’t there and we had to escape Stutter Island before the movie got too out of hand

here’s a gross and phillaic and sugar coated image of me and Joe E Tätä Esq for your indigestion…


Perv-e-us-lee on Bells Del Rock:
2008, La Di Da Di We Like To Party Like It’s 1992-1995

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La Di Da Di We Like To Party Like It’s 1992-1995

Rock The Bells
Jones Beach
Aug 3rd

Dem bells were mos certainly rawked yesterday, as we spent 8ish alcohol-free long hours out on Strong Island taking in the rapper delights that ruled our white subURBAN adolescence: A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Method Man & Redman, Ghostface & Raekwon (so why again didn’t they play ‘Daytona 500’), De La Soul, Mos Def (taking a break from his illustrious acting career), the Pharcyde, etc, rapcetera. The performances ranged from OK (Nas was good, but he didn’t rule the world) to A-OK (Meth was more on fire than all the blunts lit up at the amphitheater) to Z-OK (why does De La always put on a lackluster show?), but there was a sense of unity between the acts as they all called for ‘peace’ and to ‘f%ck the police’. Good to know some things never change, like spreading mixed messages of love and hate

Outside of Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu nation tearing it up on the second stage, no one main act stole the show, for it was a bunch of surprise guests that truly raised the the roof beam more than JD Salinger. It was mad killah to peep Jay-Z duet with Nas, and have EPMD, Keith Murray, Talib Kewli (joining Mos Def, duh), Bust Rhymes (we missed his scenario with Tribe cause we had to head home and watch the Zorn era come to life on DVR) and Slick Rick pop their heads out throughout the day, but the realiest and illiest manilliaist shiznits to fliztizlits were hands and thighs down hearing ‘nobody beats the’ Biz Markie electrify the crowd with a third of ‘Just A Friend’ and DJ Kool dusting off his go-go classic ‘Let Me Clear My Throat’ as we tried to clear our own smoke encrusted lungs. Those are two one hit-wonderful anthems that we’ve always wanted to hear live, but would never want to sit thru a whole Biz or Kool concert to make that dream a reality

So yer probably wondering about the dude in the picture above with the flannel turban and granny smith apple in his right hand, who looks like Randy from My Name Is Earl, right? Well, we’re still wondering about him too, as he was without a doubt the king supreme HIGHlight of the entire day. He never took a single bite of that apple or even bothered to remove it’s sticker. Wees thinks the apple was his environMENTALly-friendly equivalent of the devil horns. As if that wasn’t enuff to cement his status as coolest kid on the playground, he’d often run laps around the second stage’s standing area, only to return to where he was previously standing and continue on in is apple ‘hard’ core antics. Bless his soul, de la that is

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