Spoke & Mirrors

Barclays Center
October 25th

Sia later #ElasticFart

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Sia isn’t quite herself, because she doesn’t want to be herself, and usually wants someone else to be her.  She’s written a slew of hit songs for other chart topping artists, and even made hits for herself, and even even made hits that were meant for other people, but they rejected the songs, and so their awesomeness reverted back to her.  If you’ve seen any music video of hers, you know that she’s nowhere to be seen and makes you seek her in the form of other people acting out as her

So what would a Sia concert be like?  Would she hide?  What would we see(k)?

Well, if you have seen those music videos, the live show is essentially the same thing, except she’s on stage, in the shadows singing along, while performers play her part in the foreground.  But is it really her singing?  Or is it a stand-in?  And with the videos on screen mimicking what’s on stage, are the performers even themselves?  It’s highly doubtful Paul Dano, Tig Notaro, Maddie Ziegler, Kristen Wiig, Gaby Hoffman and the GREAT Ben Mendelsohn are actually touring with her, and so whatever is actually going on, on stage – live or staged, is a sight to be seen.  Obviously, the sounds are definitely to be heard!

What’s real and what isn’t may be up for debate, but all I can say is I’d Sia her again.  Sia now, and Sia LATER!!

SetlistAlive / Diamonds (Rihanna cover) / Reaper / Big Girls Cry / Bird Set Free / One Million Bullets / Cheap Thrills / Soon We’ll Be Found / Fire Meet Gasoline / Elastic Heart / Unstoppable / Breathe Me / Move Your Body / Titanium (David Guetta cover) / Chandelier

EncoreThe Greatest

I let @siathisisacting be the rhythm tonight #MoveYourBody #SiaLater

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