Carbs Rule Everything Around Me

Rock The Bells
Governors Island
August 28th

Bells were rocked at Rock The Bells, and sometimes they weren’t rocked at all, this past Saturday on Shutter Island.  Was it all a 7 layer dream, or was DiCaprio the killa bee on the swarm?????  What are we talkings about?  Dunno.  It was a hazy shade of a summer day out there on that isle, where we stayed awhile and did Coke in the Coke Den

no silly, it was the kind of Coke that you dranks, not that powdery shit you put up your nose that does nothing but keep you up til 6am and makes yer jaw twitch more than that dude’s head in Jacob’s Ladder

check out these other hot photos of Coked up Bells Rockaszzz

Boy oh boyzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!  Slick Rick was slick AND Rick.  KRS-One was like KRS-2.  Rakim paid us in full.  Jedi Mind Tricks didn’t work on us.  THOSE AREN’T THE DROIDS WE WERE LOOKING FOR!!!  Maybe these two were the ones we were looking for…

Lauryn Hill’s set was an absolute mess, but think that had more to do with the fact that she used a live band to support her jams and that band sounded like scooby DOO-DOO POOP POOP.  Very disappointing, but at least she showed up (late), as opposed to snot at all, like she did in MD yesterday (stop making excuses Talib).  No worries dun sun, cause Tribe Called Quest KICKED IT, YES THEY CANS.  No doubtttles they dids!!!!!!!!!!  5ft assasin wit the ruff neck bidness, and then the Clan took to the stage and we all screamed PROTECT YA NECK, cause our necks were so rockings the bells from THEIR AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!  think we’ve now seen em in concert like 5 times and everytime it’s like water for chocolate and a touch of heaven and a touch of mink!!! WU-TANG 5EVAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!  we skipped Snoop cause West Coast is the durst coast and Nate Dogg wasn’t there and we had to escape Stutter Island before the movie got too out of hand

here’s a gross and phillaic and sugar coated image of me and Joe E Tätä Esq for your indigestion…


Perv-e-us-lee on Bells Del Rock:
2008, La Di Da Di We Like To Party Like It’s 1992-1995

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