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Bib Red

extremely rare Bib Fortuna figure with a red cape

[current Bid – $26,000]

the Kenner prototype never made it into packaging for sale, but red caped Bib Fortuna was used in both catalogs and the card backs for Return of The Jedi figures

this is what the actual Bib Fortuna figure looked like

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Past Present Perfect

I’m sorry all other birthday presents, but there aint gonna be nothing better than getting a Kenner Star Wars action figure (during the glory years of 1977-1985), as seen below at my 6th birthday party

me star wars toy

while I wouldn’t say that Return of the Jedi‘s Hammerhead figure was or is the world’s greatest, it is still 99.99999% more awesomeer than any toys made today. doesn’t hurt that he ole Hammerhead’s head looked like bacon. I always thought they should have named him Baconhead


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