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Bone Korine-n-Harmony

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Korean director  has given in and giving filmmaking the ole Hollywood try.  The Oldboy (not Old Joy) dynamo (or so we hear, since we’ve never seen one of his movies) takes a script by Wentworth Miller (yes, that Wentworth Miller) and hands in something that’s notable, but not really that noteworthy.  What does that mean?  Zero idea, but we also kinda sorta have zero idea what to make of the result – Stoker

Stoker is about a mother () and a daughter () trying to move on after their hubby/daddy () dies in a mysterious car accident.  Out of nowhere comes his dashing brother (Matthew Goode), who’s more into flirting than grieving.  He has eyes & designs on both ladies (the mother’s game, the daughter’s glum), and a wide perma-smile that spells something fishy.  So what happens?  Moody moodness, lovely cinematography and editing, some pop-ins from  and , and not much else.  There’s a reveal towards the end, but it’s not too revealing, and then some stuff happens, and then something else happens, which doesn’t seem to jive with anything, and then the movie ends, and I was like, whaaat?  And then I was like OK, well, whatever, nevermind

Acting Up: for some reason  plays an art teacher in Stoker, and has about 8 seconds of screen time.  This isn’t Korine’s first acting rodeo.  Lettuce take a look at all of Harmony’s harmonic screen appearances!!!

Club Kid in 1995’s Kids (he co-wrote the script)

Boy on Couch and is own Gummo, 1997

Jerve in 1997’s Good Will Hunting

Guy in Club in 2005’s Last Days

Hervé in his own unwatchable Trash Humpers, 2009


Verdictgo: high endish Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Stoker is stroking it in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


And Your 2010 Breast Actress Nominees Is…

Annette Bening

Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Lawrence

Natalie Portman

Michelle Williams

breastestest of luck/lick ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!


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