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Pi Master

The Life of Pi
Not About My Thanksgiving
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PG | 127 min

So there’s this Yann Martel book that I used to see people reading, and judging a book by its cover, I had zero idea of what it was about, besides maybe being about a cartoon tiger in a boat.  GUESS WHAT??????  That’s what Life of Pi is about!!!  But instead of a cartoon tiger, he’s an awesome CGI tiger and his name is Richard Parker!  Why is he named that?  Who cares!  He’s a tiger, IN A BOAT!!!!!  Why is he in a boat?  Cause the guy named Pi (Suraj Sharma in flasbacks, and the always delightful Irrfan Khan as the adult version)’s dad had a zoo, but then he couldn’t afford the zoo, so he said forget about the zoo, and him and his family were all about going to Canada via a ship, but sh!t got fcuked up and Pi ended up in a small boat with the tiger!!!!

Ang Lee‘s movie is like Lifeboat meets Castaway meets The Perfect Storm meets Into The Wild meets Tony The Tiger meets Slumdog Millionaire meets any other movie about oceans, survival, tigers or Indian people.  Yep, it’s basically Gandhi meets Titanic meets Two Brothers.  Yep.  And while the movie tries to be all profound and stuff, it doesn’t really succeed, but man, that fcuking tiger, in that fcuking boat was so cool.  Oh, and Rafe Spall is in this movie, and his job is to basically listen to a story and make dumb faces, and that’s eggzactly what he does

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Pi r squares at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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Andrew Garfield Minus Andrew Garfield Plus Peter Parker

The Amazing Spider-Man
Re-Turn Off The Dark
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PG-13 | 136 min

No single person was like, WE NEED MORE SPIDER-MAN MOVIES, AND DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO GIVE US NEW ONES, LIKE, NOW, and like get rid of the original director, cast, pie eating so goodness, and start over with lesser talents, and literally start over with a movie that tackles Spider-Man’s origin story, again.  Granite, the Sam Raimmii version lost steam by the time it came and went to #3, so we can see why a re-boot was re-booted, but did it need to be re-booted so soon? RE-BOOOOOT??!??!?!

If you can somehow forget all about Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, you will remember Andrew Garfield as the same dude, doing pretty much the same things. And while Marc Webb‘s take on the Spidey world certainly doesn’t weave new and unique webs, it certainly takes viewers back to the excitement and fun that was felt after seeing Tobey-Spidey #1.  Yep, this Spidey is the best Spidey since Spidey movie #1, cause we don’t remember anything about Spidey #2 & #3, cept the pie eating so goodness

OK, ok, ok, so Spidey 4’s villain (Rhys Ifans as a one-armed professor turned annoying lizard with Rhys Ifans’ voice) feels stoopid, looks stoopid, and is stoopid, but WHO CARES (we’ll, we did care a little, cause we kinda hated any scene involving the lizard)!!!!  Cause Andrew Garfield has more fun being Peter Parker than Tobey’s dead-eyed stare did, and we had more fun watching him as him than him as him!!  It’s ture!!!  And there’s no first dance for Mary Jane Watson here, juss plenty of hot exposed knee action from Emma Stone as Peter’s 1st love Gwen Stacy, and although she doesn’t have that much to do, but be hot and be related to Denis Leary, and be really hot, and like be SUPER HOT, but who cares, cause she’s so hotttttttt and we’d take her over Dunst anywaysdays.  The only knock on her performance was that she didn’t have a 90 minute shower scene.  Basterds!!!!  HOLLYWÜRST, WHY DO YOU HATE SHOWER SCENES??!?!?  THOMAS EDISON INVENTED MOVIES SO HE AND WE COULD WATCH MOVIES WITH WOMEN SHOWERING!!!!!  STOP PISSING ON TOM ED’S GRAVE!!!!!  GIVE US US SHOWER SCENES!!!

moral of the story – they gave us a new Spider-Man, even if we didn’t want it, and while it may not be a Christopher Nolanesqueish funky-fresh take on the material, it is kinda fresh, and it has the best of the best Stan Lee cameos, and Martin Sheen is realllllly good, before he gets plugged [UNSPOILER ALERT!!], and Sally Field is OK, and it’s nice to see Hollywood hire Irrfan Khan, cause we love hearing him talk, and moist importantly, they employed…

C.Thomas Howell!!!!!:

C THOMAS HOWELL IS IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Spidey slings it at a theater near jews tomoorow

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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