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Pi Master

The Life of Pi
Not About My Thanksgiving
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PG | 127 min

So there’s this Yann Martel book that I used to see people reading, and judging a book by its cover, I had zero idea of what it was about, besides maybe being about a cartoon tiger in a boat.  GUESS WHAT??????  That’s what Life of Pi is about!!!  But instead of a cartoon tiger, he’s an awesome CGI tiger and his name is Richard Parker!  Why is he named that?  Who cares!  He’s a tiger, IN A BOAT!!!!!  Why is he in a boat?  Cause the guy named Pi (Suraj Sharma in flasbacks, and the always delightful Irrfan Khan as the adult version)’s dad had a zoo, but then he couldn’t afford the zoo, so he said forget about the zoo, and him and his family were all about going to Canada via a ship, but sh!t got fcuked up and Pi ended up in a small boat with the tiger!!!!

Ang Lee‘s movie is like Lifeboat meets Castaway meets The Perfect Storm meets Into The Wild meets Tony The Tiger meets Slumdog Millionaire meets any other movie about oceans, survival, tigers or Indian people.  Yep, it’s basically Gandhi meets Titanic meets Two Brothers.  Yep.  And while the movie tries to be all profound and stuff, it doesn’t really succeed, but man, that fcuking tiger, in that fcuking boat was so cool.  Oh, and Rafe Spall is in this movie, and his job is to basically listen to a story and make dumb faces, and that’s eggzactly what he does

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Pi r squares at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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Royal Courting
With Disaster Flick

Unfamous A’mous
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PG-13 | 130 min

Roland Emmerich makes the shittiest of shit movies – Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, The Patriot, 2012, Godzilla, and a zillion other disasters that deal with natural and man-made disasters, including, but not limited to disasters in the crafts of writing and acting.  Not for a second did we ever think Emmerich was capable of making anything remotely enjoyable, let alone watchable.  Crazier things have happened, and there’s plenty of crazy things happening in Emmerich’s Anonymous, EASILY the best movie he’s ever made (although we still need to see Stargate), and in general, a f$%king fun popcorn flick that blends revisionist history with high adventure, in a yarn that actually doesn’t have much adventure to make high

Credit times 9 zillion to Emmerich and writer John Orloff, for taking a pretty dry subject (did Shakespeare write all those plays OR WAS IT SOMEONE ELSE???!???!) and making it wet like a hurricane.  Every scene feels like it’s super important, even if it’s not, and this is how Emmerich’s background with disaster flicks directly benefits his attempt at making a real movie, and unbelievably somehow makes it all work!!!  And the end result be one the moist entertaining Tudor era movies we’ve seen in quite awhile!!  IT’S TRUE!!!!!

The idea that Willy Shakes is a fraud is not a new one, but we’re sure most average moviegoers don’t know much about those conspiracy theories.  Those who don’t should relish this hot dog, and those scholarly folks who do, should juss shut their brains down and enjoy it for what it is.  And what it is aint juss an authorship question movie, but also who that asks ‘who’s yer daddy?’, filled with plenty of saucy sexual secrets + plenty of awesome facial hair and ruff-neck bidness!!!  Plus+++ the cast is udderly fantastic, top to bottom, from Vanessa Redgrave‘s Queen Elizabeth (+ her daughter Joely Richardson playing the younger version of her!) to Rhys Ifans as the bard behind the bard (+ pretty boy Jamie Campbell Bower as a dashing young version of him), to David Thewlis and Edward Hogg as the mos regal royal assholes since Count Rugen, to Sebastian Armesto, who’s like a cheaper James McAvoy, and Rafe Spall, who’s like a cheaper Ryan Reynolds, as Shakey, who wethinks invented crowd surfing

Learning fake (OR MAYBE TRUE!!!) history has never been this fun!!!!

Roland With The Homeboys: Emmerich’s London home is blammazin!!!

VerdictgoJeepers MOOOOOOOOOOOOOS Worth A Peepers

Anonymous will be known today at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


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