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Hounding Bassett

one thing I forgot to mention months back… Lifetime’s Britney Every After movie was A-MAZING, and in particular, the girl who played the lead, Natasha Bassett.  her and her stunning peepers, and the movie should win 99023923191239 zillion TV Oscars

oh man, love me some Bassetttt.  been hounding her since Fail Caesar!

here’s hoping she’s hounding TV and movie screens for zillions of years to come!!!!!!!

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Pucker Sunch!

My Lil Runaways
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Dylan (Shane Curry) and Kylie (Kelly O’Neill) both come from mostly broken homes that happen to be situated right next door to each other.  On one particularly bleak day (is there ever a day that things aren’t bleak in Ireland?), the two decide that they’ve had enough and run off together to the big city, cause anyplace has gots to be better than where they’re already at.  So D & K head to Dublin and things literally go from black & white to colour.  The kids get caught up in minor mischief, and engage in some mature stuff, like chatting with kindhearted prostitutes, drinking beer with Bob Dylan impersonators (Stephen Rea, in an uncredited cameo), being chased by pervs and everything in between, like ice-skating without ice skates!!!

Lance Daly‘s Kisses is as cute and darling as its title would suggest, and that’s due in part whole to its Guinness pint-sized actors.  And while it borrows and blends the plots and themes of Huck Finn & Night of The Hunter, with the dour power of Fish Tank, it never exactly reaches the heights of any one of them.  Still, spending 72 minutes with these Irish spring in their step kids will leave any viewer feeling lucky charmed

Kiss of Life: here be our pics for mos bestest kisses of alls thyme, which doesn’t include Mahir, cause he kiss you

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Kisses puckers up today in NY & LA only and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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