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Twin Peaks is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY??? FCUK YEAH!!!!!!!

here’s what the new series needs…

bring Coop back to the good side

cooper thumbs up

Killer Bob (the actor) is dead. find someone SCARIER than him to be the new spiritual menace

twin peaks bob couch

somehow keep the look and feel EXACTLY the same. SOMEHOW!!!

TP diner

TP hallway

it’s Showtime, so there will be nudity, but don’t over do it. only use the boobies when it suits the story

twin peaks waitress

10,000% more Bobby Briggs and Shelly Johnson

shelly bobby

bring back Lara Flynn Boyle and explain how she once was Moira Kelly but no longer is Moira Kelly


include everyone and anyone who was in Twin Peaks, but limit the sh!tty characters’ involvement

hank jennings

more of Ben Horne obsessing over things/anything

minutes will be precious – so limit the onscreen singing

give the deceased actors some sort of honorable salute/send off (so long/goodbye – Killer Bob, Pete Martell, Major Briggs, Mayor Milford, Andrew Packard, Ernie Niles, the waiter, Norma’s mom, Mrs Tremond, Judge Clinton Sternwood, Rev Brocklehurst, Coach Wingate, Tom Brockman, Biker Scotty, Theodora Ridgely, the real Mrs Tremond, Jimmy Scott, Dell Mibbler, Janice Hogan)


this has nothing to do with the show – but recreate this cover

rollingstone tp

resurrect the whorehouse / casino locale, but this time make it twice as whorey and casinoy – TWO Eyed Jacks!!

two eyed jacks

give Dr Jacoby a daughter, and her daughter a wacky husband, who also happens to be Dr J’s psychiatrist partner

cross tamblyn

add the following actors to the cast – Ciarán Hinds, Mads Mikkelsen, Paul Dano, Saoirse Ronan, Laura Harring, Olivia de Havilland, Chadwick Boseman, ‎Bae Doona, Edie McClurg, Peter Mullan, Yaphet Kotto, M Emmet Walsh, Daniel Brühl, Hal Holbrook, Tippi Hedren, Alden Ehrenreich, Val Kilmer’s son, Adam West, and/or Keith David/David Keith

david keith

let Andy be Andy

andy be andy

somehow incorporate a Curly W, since Mark Frost’s nephew / Doctor Hayward’s real life grandson is Nationals prospect Lucas Giolito

lucas giolito

Tremayne’s – a department store owned by Dick Tremayne

dick tremayne

juss don’t fcuk it up

tp light

twin peaks simpsons

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McBride & Prejudice

never 5get Jimmy McBride – Boston Cab Driver – MTV Gabber

jimmy mcbride

even mo spots on Donal Logue’s site

Yapping Cabbie – Jimmy Mcbride Adds Gross To MTV’s Domestic Product

‘jimmy will live again!’ – Donal Logue


In of Sight

dude, the best show you didn’t watch was/is

Married At First Sight

where 3 couples met first the first time… at the altar, then honeymooned, then moved in together and lived for a month as husband and wife (sorry gay peoples), and then decided whether to stay married or get divorced

SOUNDS awful, but TV shows aren’t just sounds, they are visual toooo, and what we saw AND heard was/is the best TV show of 2014. 14realz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reality shows are dumb, and filled with vapid and insincere people who don’t deserve our attention. The 6 people on Married At First Sight were the opposite, and the show – more realistic than any of the other reality crap on TV – had us married to the reality of it all at first sight

kudos to the couples who survived, and even to the ones that didn’t. can’t wait for season 2!!!

poor Doug – a nice shlubby guy who didn’t even get laid the whole time he was married on TV
doug jamie
I bet Jamie N Otis ends up breaking is heart

forget Jim & Pam and Simon & Simon
jacon courtney
cause it’s all about Courtney and Jason!!!!

especially since he moonlights as a wrestler
jason kross

and she a burlesque dancer
courtney burlesque

and Vaughn??
daylights as a guy from Yo Gabba Gabba??

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