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Jeopardy! Final

it’s been a rough couple of weeks – Connery, and now Trebek???


there was a Jeopardy!  before Alex Trebek, and there will be one after him, but there is nothing like Jeopardy! with Alex Trebek.  Thank you Alex.


Golden Girls Gone Wild

I would dunn the above title to make 5 photochops for da weak, but someone beat me off to it. So you get four, you prick daddy, but don’t you worry, cause Trick LOVE DA KIDS!! [d]

The Sounds
Irving Plaza
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dude, ask me how the Sounds sounded the other night? Sounds sounded MO FAH-KIN TIGHT YO!! Tiggs like Major Briggs!! Seriously though, I don’t remember any band that I’ve seen at Irving Platz soundsing so clear, but on that night, the Sounds sounded better than any sounds any other band could have sounded off. ZOUNDS!!! Shiz was ever so more clear than a sheet of saran wrap wrapped around an Everclear music video wrap party!!! Wah? Just shut up and buy their lucious latest, Dying to Say This to You, salem witch is miles away butter than their first album… and miles to go before I sleep.

Above snapple stolen from Buffy, who was also at the show, and who’s also 12 years younger than I. But she aint no Music Slut, who was also there, although I don’t know her age, or if she’s even a slut, has some other pics and the setlist. Saladly, they didn’t let the boys play ‘Hurt You’ and for that they should pay, by way of d-lode


+ Gnarls Barkely’s ‘Crazy’ vid, the whole thang this thyme ’round
[WM | Real]


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