Sir Links A Snot

Finally, she can get laid.

OK, enuff with the 14 page reviews on what color my dumps were. Here are some Qwik and E-Z links for your pleasure and at your leisure…

– Where do guys with tatts search for tits? Why, o’ course! Hope the ladies love leather, mustaches, and Harley Davidsons!

Hey robo-bitch, go pick up
my dry cleaning on Neptune.

– When we finally put men on Mars, who’s going to build all of the Starbuckseses? Why Robonaut o’ course! That is until he goes AWOL like HAL 9000 or dances to the Bee Gees like Johnny Five.


V8 need not lose sleep
over this pretender.


He was always the
hairiest of the Balzacs.

– First we used to check out books for free at public libraries. Now we just sit and read them for free at Barnes & Noble while sipping on crappucinos. So what’s the next step in the evolution of free reading? Why, the free online library that is Read Print o’ course. Only public domain stuff, so you Danielle Steel and Where’s Waldo fanatics will have to wait. But if yer just passing Thoreau, inbeTwain jobs, yer Balzac is itching, or want to Checkov instead of jackoff, then yer made in the shade, but not Maid In Manhattan.

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