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Soda Jerkoff

Hotlanta’s World of Coke
visited with the IU Dumplin gang
& The Gr8 and Gr9 Goldenshmizzle

before you can see or do anything, one is forced
to watch the world’s creepiest propaganda film ever

somewhere Leni Riefenstahl is turning over in her grave, a grave that I pissed on!!!

but some propganda deserves mad props-a-grandeur!

the original ‘Oh Snap!’ -Jewanicure

even lezzies love Coke!

that’s how they talk in Irkutsk

more cans he can’t hate

on second thought, he’ll never like any cans

now it’s off to the tasting room!!

American Coke Products

classic tastes, classic logos, juss so effin classic all around


Tab Hunter

Asian Coke Products

they all tasted like soy sauce

Latin America Coke Products

they all tasted like salsa


more like paraGAY

European Coke Products

we’d rather drink tuna juice than drink Beverly

African Coke Products

they all tasted like famine

Sunfill, Dijoubti for ‘mouthwash’

Dijboubti, English for ‘your booty’

the two best Non-US Hotties drinky-poos

Krest Ginger Ale and Stoney Tangawizi (Ginger Beer)

man o man did our mouths tasted like awfuls afterwards
so gross! like mad gross! like too gross! like 288 and then some!
but it’s something you gotta do at least once
even if it’s overpriced
and even if that crapdubious propaganda film is
more disturbing than LVT’s Antichrist


He Can’t Hate These Cans

7UP’s 1976 Bicentennial United
We Stand/Uncle Sam Canorama

7UP’s 1979 America’s
Turning 7UP Canorama

[Davide Andreani’s Coke Page | USA Soda]
Canoramas > Cycloramas > Dioramas > St Louis Rams


Siouxsie & The Bandit vs Smokey & The Banshees

Don’t worry bout a thing lil Sasha Cohen, my sweet tits breasts anus naked butt thighs nude vagina hot camel toe poon tang clan heroes in a half shell pics (sorry, that’s purely for Googling purposes), Michelle Kwan still blows

Is it 2010 yet?

Waffle House to Start Taking Credit Cards [via Brawny Man]
What’s next, horse on Venus?

Bestest actor who isn’t named Joseph Gordon-Levitt, yet has the bestest name: Burn Gorman. Where to catch em if you can: as that guy in Layer Cake and as Kenge and Carboys’ clouseauish clerk Guppy (another bestest name) from BBC’s Bleak House, which sadly will turn my house bleak wheneth it ends this Sunday on PBS. Seriously yo, I know it looks boring and stuff, like most things before 1950, but you should totally Netflix em when they are ready for Netflix. I mean, it don’t got much better than unsung underground secret future super hotness cuttie cute ness pie Carey Mulligan, dudes with crazy facial hair, smallpox, Wedge as John Jarndyce (I may juss have to change my name to Banning Cocq John Jarndyce the IVIIXXICLM of Westphalia), Janine Evans (nee Butcher), a 2006 inductee of the SAG-HOF (Screen Asshole Guild – Hall of Fame), a dude named Smallweed, a dude named Clamb, and GUPPY!!! Charles Dickens may have hated Jews, but he certainly had a way with names! GUPPY!!

I bet this guy and Phil Spector are BFFs

Hairparently, they love stealing my snaps of Natty Lite tall boys (from ThighsBart’s B-Day) over there in Persia

All he wants is $2

And anyone else out thar ever wonder what woulda happened had Al Gore become president like he rightfully should of New Coke triumphed in the Cola Wars? Yeah, what if? And what if Theo Ratliff ate out Heathcliff (or that purty kitty Riff Raff used to bang)? Maybe NC pitchman Max Headroom woulda gotten head from Hedda Hopper‘s love child with Glenne Headly and Hedy Lamarr!!

1985 > 2006

[via eBayte]

GO QUINQUAGESIMA!!! Which I hear is like the new hybrid of Quin Snyder, Quaker Oats, and Vai Sikahema!!

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