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Silver Linings Playbook
Bipolar Opposites Attract
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R | 122 min

David O Russell‘s Silver Linings Playbook is a great great great American film.  It’s like American Beauty but less pretentious and more American.  It’s like David O’s own The Fighter, but more fun and funnier.  Not even Jennifer Lawrence‘s dour sourpuss stizz can halt its amazingness.  She, for the first time in our eyes, hands in an actual performance that isn’t a total snoozefest, and its incredible!  IT’S TRUE!!!!  Chris Tucker isn’t even the most annoying thing in the film.  What is?  NOTHING, cause if you pair Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in a movie, it’s obviously going to be something worth seeing.  OK, so it has only happened twice – first, with the crizzazzy Limitless & now with Playbook (the time where pre-fame Coops asked De Niro a question on Inside The Actor’s Studio doesn’t count), but still, Cooper/De Niro in 2016!!!!

So what is the Silver Linings Playbook? Bradley Coops is a bipolar man that has just returned home after an extended stay at a mental facility, who wants nothing more than his wife & previous life back, but that aint happening anytime soon, even if he’s under the delusion that it is.  In order to get better, Coops wants to see the silver lining in everything… AND USE IT AS HIS PLAYBOOK!  He gets help and support from his parents, De Niro & Jacki Weaver (she, the tuff & ruff & gruff Aussie mum in Animal Kingdom), even if he may have inherited his crazy from them.  Weaver doesn’t have that much to do besides bake & hug, but her smile is a comfort every time it is shown.  De Niro on the otherhand, is actually acting, as a character who lives & breathes, instead of juss showing up for a paycheck.  He is fantabolous, especially when he gets all itchy about his beloved Philadelphia Eagles, gambling & good luck charms.  DON’T YOU DARE MESS WITH HIS JUJU!!!!!

And while Coops also gets solid support from folks like Anupam KherJohn OrtizShea Whigham & Julia Stiles, he finds the most help from a kindred battered spirit in the form of Katniss Everdeen J-Law.  Her husband recently died, and she too wants to put her life back together.  This movie is really about Coops and J-Law moving forward in life, together, even if they seem like two ingredients in a recipe for disaster.  While the outcome may be a tad predictable, and a bit more dancy than Hugh, the journey is so dang earnest and honest and awesome that it actually pays to discover something so undiscoverious.  That isn’t a word, but this movie is so great that it’s forcing us to make up words.  We hope this wins lots of awards.  We hope you do too

summary of all fears – there’s a movie that Jennifer Lawrence is in that we don’t hate and/or hate her in it, which automatically makes it a MUSS MUSS MUSS SEEEEE!!!

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Silver Linings is gold in limited release this Friday

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Apocalypse Soon

Take Shelter
Cloudy With A Chance of Boring
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R | 120 min

If Michael Shannon is in yer movie, he’s probably playing some crazed person, with a good heart that’s probably misguided. If Jessica Chastain is in yer movie, it means it’s a movie from 2011, cause she is like in one out of every five of them. IT’S TRUE!!! So what happens when the two are in a movie together?  They play parents to a deaf girl (Tova Stewart), and have troubles juss like any other working class Ohioans do… CEPT THEY HAVE MORE PROBLEMS, LIKE A DEAF CHILD, AND MOREEE!!!! Cause Michael Shannon is a crazed person, with a good heart that’s probably misguided… OR IS IT????  DUNNO!!!??!?!

In Jeff Nichols‘ well-crafted, but udderly dull Take Shelter, Shannon is seeing cloudy and birdy signs of the apocalypse, in dreams and in reality(????), and so he must do what he feels is right – expand his existing storm shelter into a mega one!!! So the movie is basically Michael Shannon looking up at the sky, having bad dreams, and working on this shelter, rinse, repeat, snores, we get it, we don’t, OK, so it had a nice lil ending, but did it have to take 2 hours to get there?  It didn’t.  Don’t gimme Shelter!

He & He: Shelter marks the 5 screen pairing of Michael Shannon and Shea Whigham.  wonder if casting agents get a package discount

VerdictgoSum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Shelter doesn’t hold it together currently in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


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