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Do yerself a favor and shut off yer brain as Bradley Cooper ups his IQ quotient in Limitless.  Let him do all the thinking and you’ll be free to sit back and do nothing but udderly enjoy Neil Burger‘s rollercoaster ride of expedited ladder climbing.  Now we’re not saying that this is in any way a smart film, but it’s certainly the most fun we’ve had in a theater in this still young year (those fractal zooms are a real treat for the eyes!).  Plus any movie in this day and age that utilizes Robert De Niro‘s talent, instead of belittling it, has got to be something worth watching, no?  But don’t let his second billing fool you, as he’s not in the movie as much you’d think he would be

So what’s this all about?  Cooper is a writer with a serious case of brain block, and a book deadline beyond past due.  One day, he runs into his skeezy ex-brother-in-law (skeezy Johnny Whitworth) and he offers a solution to his problem, in the form of an unknown designer drug, promised to expand the mind by using all those unused parts.  And so it does, and he finishes his book in record time.  His publisher’s impressed, and now Cooper is too, and wants more of this perfect drug.  Problem be that his ex-bro-in-law got himself murdered, but Cooper finds his secret stash and its off to the races… and riches!!!

He turns his attentions to financial wizardry and starts making bookoo bucks, lickity split.  Finally, all of his wildest dreams are coming true, including the re-swooning of his former flame Abbie Cornish, and the attention of Wall Street bigwigs (DeNiro), but of course all of this is gonna come at a price, right???  How long can he keep this brain game up, and what happens when he runs out of the pills??  And what about that money he borrowed from that ruthless Eastern European dude (a delicious Andrew Howard)?  And why does his ex-wife (Anna Friel) look like a strung-out junkie?  And why might he be headed in that downward direction too????  Forget the questions, and like we said, shut that brain off and simply relish in this hot dog.  Plus yer gonna wanna see one of the bestest AND sillest use of a child’s legs in an action sequence EVER

Neil Burger Should Not Be Confused With: Neil Hamburger? btw, we’re dying to know what Neil Burger thinks of hamburgers

Verdictgo: Jeepers MOS DEF Worth A Peepers

Limitless is MORE today at a theater near jews this Friday

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

fractal zoom!!!!!

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  1. Wow, the coveted Thighs stamp of approval? I need to see this now, even though fractal zooms can't hold a candle to my old WinAmp visualizer when I used to untz out to Oakie.

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