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A Death Life In The Family

what if Jason Todd LIVED in Batman: A Death in the Family???

jason todd alt death batman
jason todd alt death batman2

during the 1980s, DC Comics let readers vote (via a 1-900 number) whether then-Robin Jason Todd should live or die. He was killed off by a margin of 72 votes (5,343 for, 5,271 against).  Artist Jim Aparo drew both outcomes, pending the vote. Above – the rarely seen page where Robin lives to fight another day

from the DC Comics Archive

and for those who want to relive his death…

a death in the family cover

robin dies



90210h Snap!!!

WAIT, JOE E TATA (aka Nat from 90210’s The Peach Pit) was on TV’s BATMAN!??!?!?!?!


The actor came face-to-face with Batman (Adam West) and his sidekick Robin (Burt Ward) for the first time in the two-part episode ‘The Ring of Wax’ and ‘Give ‘em The Axe,’ starring Frank Gorshin as the Riddler. There is a scene in which the Riddler and one of his henchmen, Tallow (Tata), steal the Batmobile. The director was surprised when the car kept going even after he yelled, ‘Cut!’ Tata and Gorshin never left the studio lot but they had fun just the same [more]

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