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Squirt Tales

Sloppy Joe Jr., just four years of age and having two years behind the bar, is celebrating his graduation from apprenticeship by mixing his first real champagne cocktail behind his father’s world-famed bar. Sloppy Joe Jr., is quite proficient at mixing the more common varieties. And if you think he isn’t quite a bottle man–why just look at that pure Havana Cigar peeking from the pocket of his bartender’s apron.  Below, customers toast the little guy

Havana, Cuba, December 29, 1931 [getty]


Ball Play


castro orioles

old nats

carly pitch main

carly pitch side

carly pitch 3

masked clippard

tyler clippard bird

rfk baseball

prediction – Nationals go 161-1, then lose to the Cardinals in the National League Championship Series, breaking my heart, again


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