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prediction – Nationals go 161-1, then lose to the Cardinals in the National League Championship Series, breaking my heart, again


John Rocker & The Rocktoberettes

• I cunt bee leave mine own eyes & thighs, as my two baseball squads, the O’s & the Natty’s, are sittin (not eggzactly pretty) in first place of their respective divisions!!! I kent bee leave I’m actually semi-interested in base-bore for the 1st time since Major League 2 was released!! Thanks for playing Omar Epps. I sure do wish it was Rocktober already, for two reasons: 1) basebuzzzzzzzzzz season would almost be over & 2) my boys of summer slumber could possib BLY be meeting up for the 1st ever Beltway World Series!! To hell with the subways & John Rocker’s loving of the people that ride them, cause my sqizauds are on point and hitting the MARC.

• Ronald McMolester joins Cookie Puss(y) in the land of sell-outdom. Low-Culture anal-izes THAT!

• Axel F & Tarantino, a more unlikely combo than tuna fish & Yankee Candle. [via The POOONmaster]

• Brett Ratner Not Easing My Fears

• Nice try Danny, but NOTHING could save the tripestain that was The Beach. Not even Virginie Ledoyen semi-nude in water. Speaking of, why has Hollywurst turned its back on the hottiest French thang of the late 90s? Have they not seen these other screencaps of her nekkid? And no, gettin her to co-star alongside Ron Livingston and Chris Penn doesn’t count! [2 outta 3 are NSFW]

• Coldplay‘s stoopid album art has been explained. Could be the biggest let down since Crystal Pepsi!!

• Drew Rosenhaus talks TO on PTI, and in the process reveals how big of a quiche bag he truly is.

• Wanna make Ken Jennings suffer? Stick em on a ferris wheel.

• Don’t import, juss ‘sample’ Coral’s The Invisible Invasion

• And here’s some soundtracks galore for yer thIghPod: Karate Kid, The Princess Bride, Garden Snoooze, Heavenly Creatures, Requiem for a Dream, 5th Element, and one of my all thyme flavorites STDKs, About A Boy

• Related: is this the REAL The Karate Kid?

• Not Related: woman farting on TV

• Ever wonder what Robert Plant would look like ironing on stage? Wonder solved. [via Z de la R]

• Whatever Happened to Polio? And why did the pollo cross the road?

• Maria Sharapova Chuggin a Bottle


• Bless the person searching for ‘tara reid skankbot’. But how did ‘skankbot’ join the vernacular? Was it the Buffy episode in ’01 where Warren turned women into sex slaves, while Buffy & Spike gotz raw like they was in Monster’s Ball [peas give clickage to see the CENSORED Buffy/Spike hotness, avi file stizzle]? Read part of the script for proof.

• No hot chicks down here today, even though it is ex-Queen of Naboo/possib HRT the III/Natty Portman’s 24 b-day (as well as Freddie Highmore’s 13th, Johnny Depp’s 42nd, & Michael J Fox’s 44th), but juss a pic of world champ Hans Gassner, who juss won the freestyle full beard category at the recent Beard Olympics in Leogang, Austria. Brother still got some mountains to climb if he wants to beat this dude @ the World Beard & Mustache-A-Thon in Berlin this ROCKtober!! [via Synapster]


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