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Oasis Lost

I used to hate on Damon Albarn and Blur, but then I fell in love with a girl in the summer 1996 and then I no longer hated Damon Albarn and Blur cause she loved Damon Albarn and Blur and her body was mad kickin and sick, and whatever made her body move and groove would now would make mine move and groove.  the rest is mystory

Damon Albarn is my moist flavorite musician goings, and maybe ever.  probably ever!!!  he’s like the Stanley Kubrick of music making, if Stanley looked like Jude Law.  he is like Jesus and Moses and Col Mustard rolled into one human being.  HUMAN BEING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

schlappy 43rd matey!!!!!!!!!!!

Albarn – empee3 love 1991 – 2005


Ayew, Ah You!

little known fract:

these 3 people are actually the same peoples…

sorta funny, mostly bitchy, debbie downer partier

Lizzy Caplan

snarly faced soccer guy who always bleeds cause he’s a pussy

Clint Dempsey


Bob Geldof

as Pink Floyd in Pink Floyd The Wall, the movie version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall

not convinced?

shave Lizzy’s hair, give her a beard, remove the eyebrows, then shave the beard and then…


this world cup needs more Zidane headbutts and Fabio Capello in a bathing suit.  oh well


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