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Yer Zidaned If You Do& Zidaned If You Don’t…

…post animated gifs of the greatist thing to happen since Howard Dean screamed and Pat O’Brien reemed

…and play the game of all games
fo u wusses who never clicked on the link


Mike Jarvis Cocker Spaniel

Mr Do’s

mourn the peace the fork outting of OG member and namer of Pink Floyd…

Roger Keith ‘Syd’ Barrett

1946 – 2006

‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6 – 9)’ [d]
‘Lucifer Sam’ [d]

finger out who the fork this is…

become Jarvis Cocker’s pal and give way to his first solo matz, ‘(Cunts Are Still) Running The World’ [Figwise]

for once ogle something else on Stacey Dash‘s self besides her (antonio) piercing eyes, lby way of her her Playboy spread [NSFW]

somehow take all the credit for ‘rapper'(?) Lily Allen hittin #1 on the UK Charts

celebrate The Onion‘s 10th

visit DC’s refurbbed/refabbed Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture. I spent 2.5 mesmerizing hours in there, and still didn’t even get thru 1/2 o del collection! Muss c outta the bunch: Nam June Paik’s Electronic Superhighway: Continental US

hit up Charleston, SC on July 28 for Nancy O’Dell Bobblehead Night

discover the evolution of GBark’s ‘Crazy’ [Brooks Robinson] + the mash-up with ‘Steady as She Goes’ & ‘Rapper’s Delight’

stay away from summer’s big budget fiascos, and hit up the thumcredible Once In A Lifetime doc

somehow fly back during Lolla to see Body Count at NY’s Knitting Factory

ignore their stoopid drink ticket policy and the fact that the only sold 2 kinds of beer, one of them being Corona, and hit up Billyburg’s wurstest monikered outdoor house of fun, 718 B-Klyn Diner. Hownever, there is no guarantee that you will see Susan Sarandon rock out w/o Robbins as I did

Kube’s 2001, in 2001 seconds

fap to 60 years of Lois Lame

read Dan Steinberg and Desmond Bieler’s Starting Lineup article every Monday

hope Beckett heeds the werd of the Baseball Card Blog and raises the value of Topps’ 1987 set, the series I cut my collectin’ teeth on

get yer Streets re-mix & b-side galore d-lode on

find that NSFW pool party starring Rachel Leigh Cook [Step Aerobics]

watch my homegirl Kruisespanko and her mustachioed friend win dough on Cash Cab [watch]

Page Threeley [NSFW]

bookmark bebopics for all yer Potter kid candids. Juss beware of Angelica Mandy‘s eyes. They have more power than Prince Charles

steal all 5 of the top 5 stolen paintings

admire fotos by Myla I, II, III, without the use of mylar ballons [NSFW]

judge a band by its cover

enjoy really stretched snaps of Eleanor Rigby’s super-cutie gran-da Emma

Dinner In The Sky

learn how to blow perfect underwater bubble rings

Bacon Cereal

anal fist a tailpipe with numerous vegetables and other sundries

and never stop posting Zidane headbutt ani gifs (or games that are more bonk than Bonk’s Adventure)

(bi they gay, we’re are currently eggepting applications and BJs for anyone who wants to make animated gifs of the gawds like those for our thighs only. 501k, dental plan, anal plan, 3651/4 days of vacation, EEE, ELO, EZ-E. irish need not apply.)

Mr Dont’s

receive HJs from hottie nottie/Carrie cruelster Nancy Allen

listen to a limony snippet of the Killers’ new song snooze ‘When You Were Young’ [d-lode], from their new album that drops in Rocktober. Sounds like the boys have stopped ripping off every New Wave band and started to rip off themselves. Zzzzzzzzzz. Somebody wake me up when they’ve gone they way of the Strokes. The who? Eggzzzactly

watch season 4 of the The OC, cause FOX is so behind it!

wonder why the Oscars always go to the wrong people/movies

be like Florrie, the OG Jerri Blank [Pubesbower]

spend a night in Nicky’s Hilton

use the internets in Kazakhstan

buy a tent and camp out until next year for Tim Blake Nelson’s latest joint to open, starring Kate Hooraysworth & Orlando Boo

watch reruns of Roseanne, despite the fact that ‘Corn’ (the vegetable) is shown or mentioned in every episode [imdb vis Menyinc]

d-lode Gene Rayburn wallpapers

push the ‘push to walk’ button

read AA comic strips

hire Clithero as your moving co

drive drunk & masturbate after a T-Wolves game [SFW watch]

and buy these phallic ice cream cones for yer Asian daughters [WTFOMGZ, DUHVS]

all of the above was not sponsored in part by


The Life Jerk-Assicw/Frenchie Zizou

Biggest event in the world or not, no game should be decided on penalty kicks, unless Scott Norwood is somehow involved

[Zenic | Grappy | YTMND/Ajamu Stoner Fan #1]

+ Zidane, The Head Butting GAME!
+ many mo Zidane head butt animated gifs (from the Gawds)
+ World Cup Switched At Birth (the Bruce Arena one is klassic)
+ Rooney or Goonie?

see you in the Orange Free State/Transvaal in 2010


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