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Loop Game on Ice. New York: The audience at the New York Americans / Chicago Black Hawks hockey game in Madison Square Garden, February 1, 1940, were treated to something new between periods. Ten gentlemen appeared on the ice, with skates, and engaged in a basketball game. Above is a view of one of the players trying for a goal [Getty]


Wicket Sense of No Humor

The Ewoks and the Magic Sunberries, also known as Ewoks on Ice and marketed as Ice Capades and Ewoks, also known as WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN GEORGE LUCAS WAS OUT TO DESTROY WHAT HE CREATED IN THE MID-80s!!!!!!


Gracie Gold > Tracey Gold

Gracie Gold is an American dream come true

gold arms

she’s like a cuter, younger Jennie Garth

gold red

with teef to die for AND FIVE!!!

USOC: Team USA Media Summit

man do we wish we were her arms!!!

gracie gold pole

and man do we wish she was grabbing OUR pole!!

USOC Portrait Shoot

and frolicking in our white stuff!!

gravie USA

go US-AND-A!  AND GG!!

gracie arms

grace under fire

gracie arms b

grace under pressure

gracie tongue

lickity splitz!!!

and before anyone starts searching for it…


here’s Gracie Gold + camel toe

it’s like 2006 all over again!!!



Tonya Hardon’s Ice Fapadesæ


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