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The Bangor Brothers

Stephen King and his son Owen created the G.I. Joe/Cobra character Crystal Ball!!!!!!!!!!!!

 “It was his [Owen’s] idea! He had all the G.I. Joes and we watched it on TV, and we read the comic books.  He said, ‘Dad, it would be great if there was a G.I. Joe who could read minds.’ And I said, ‘Oh, yeah, that would be really great. What would you call a character like that?’ And Owen said, ‘Crystal Ball!’

Stephen King, who pitched the idea to Hasbro, who then made it a reality, and even had King write the file card bio for the character!


Hasbro returned the favor by giving the character/figure Sneak Peek the civilian name Owen King, from… Bangor Maine!

yo Joe!  and yo Kings too!


Red Dawn Gone

Peace The Forks Out


Mama Nicola – Joan

it’s very rare in life that any of us care and love owners of restaurants, but I did care for and love Joan from Nicola Pizza.  Mrs Caggiano was as much of an institution herself as is the restaurant she co-founded with her husband Nick.  While her pizza spot has been serving up their incredible Nic-o-Bolis since 1971, she has been serving me smiles every since my family has vacationed in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (one of my favorite destinations on earth).  Luckily the Nic-o-Bolis live on, and I will remember Joan’s smile every time I take a bite into one, now and forever.  Thanks Joan – you made and will continue to make mouths and stomachs happy!


Powers Boothe


Yo, this Joe Stanley

146 years young/done

the OTHER Waffle House overlord 

a Dogtoother

LSDeez nuts

Jewish Holocaust survivor/Nazi actor(???!!!!)

Whisky a Go Go-er

Pepe The Frog

last surviving member of Salk vaccine team

Owen and Luke’s dad

THAT guy

Israeli model in the original Casino Royale

Miracle man

a Lion HoFer

Pacers coach

Canadian owner

Big Black

America’s oldest-living Olympic champ


attacked by Michael Landon the werewolf


Jean Renault


2 Vast, 2 Laborious

8 Fast 8 Furious (The Fate of the Furious)
The DEFLATE of the Furious
Official Site | Trailer & Mo
PG-13 | 136 min

Welcome to 8 Fast 8 Furious!

(previously – #4 / #5 / #6 / #7)

And so long my unquestioned love of the Furious films!

Wait, what????

Yep, the Fate of The Furious may have sealed it’s fate by reaching a point of no return.  It may NEVER be able to return to the days of pure dumb fun, and may just keeping going (of course it will keep going), minus the fun – aka, pure DUMB

HOW IS IT SO??!?!??!?!

I dunno, but when did our beloved hot-head car racers turn into SEAL Team Six meets G.I. Joe????????????????

is this picture from 8 Furious or G.I. Joe? is there even a difference??

Why do they have to stop Bond villains from stealing bombs, on ice???

is this picture form 8 Fast or that awful Bond flick Die Another Die?

When did it become the Fast crew’s job to do things above their pay grade, and above what they really need to be doing – which is juss drive cars, fast, and impress fast hot chicks!  

And when did the bad guys all become fairytale cyberterrorists???

WTF Fast and Furious?  

And where did the humor go?  Sure, Tyrese has some good lines (one in particular, when trying to read Cyrillic Russian), and Jason Statham makes cute baby talk, but whoever is writing the one-liners should be given a one-way ticket to be buried alive.  What, was the guy who wrote the Running Man screenplay buried alive and not available?

Is this what happens with Paul Walker’s character walks away??  You have to go bigger and worse???  Or you have to have more scenes of talking, and less scenes of driving???  I mean the remote controlled car scene was INSANE, but, what is going on here?  Maximum Overdrive IN OVERDRIVE????

I mean, I feel that the road we’re headed on – 9 Fast 9 Furious will find our beloved crew saving the Earth from aliens!!!!  

and of course I’ll be there to witness it.  juss please make it fcuking good.  PLEASE!! and dump the stuff that doesn’t belong that is making Fast seriously slow

Verdictgo: the lowest that Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges goes

I am furious at Furious, currently at a theater near jews AND white nationalists

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Adventures In Pee-wee’s Super Humongous Immense Colossal Mammoth Gargantuan Adventure

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure is the best.  STILL the best.  Saw it the other night and it is STILL a fcuking amazing adventure.  ‘Big’ as an adjective doesn’t even begin to cover its giantness of how truly massive it truly is.  Truly.  Seriously.  TRULY SERIOUSLY!!!

Anywho, I dug up some odds and ends, after digging thru the Big Adventure IMDb page…

this is what Large Marge (aka Alice Nunn) looked like as a younger lady.  she actually died 3 years after Big Adventure‘s release

large marge

when I saw the movie in theaters as a 7 year old, the part where she went all bugged-eyed caused my penis to invert, right into my body – and I coined the term ‘reverse boner‘.  I swear, this happened!  And I swear I invited this term!  although probably not at age 7

large marge

remember Pee-wee’s gadgety house with Rube Goldbergian machinery?

it was apparently heavily influenced by the ‘Snub’ Pollard short film from 1923 called It’s a Gift


Amazing Larry (Lou Cutell) and Mario (Monte Landis) are both still alive!

amazing larry mario pee wee

Larry is 86 and Mario is 83!  Madam Ruby is still alive too and played David Silver’s granny on 90210!

the giant Dinosaurs still stand

dino pee wee

but the Wheel Inn Restaurant next to them has closed

Elvira is in the movie!

elvira pee wee

credited with her lesser-known real name – Cassandra Peterson, although a picture of her as Elvira is also in the movie

Dottie aka E.G. (Elizabeth) Daily

pee wee dailey

was so super sexy cute adorable in the 80s. she went topless two years earlier in Valley Girl [NSFW]

valley girl eg

and also was the sultry singer at the big dance in Better Off Dead

eg daily better off

later in life, she kept her inner-child going by providing the voice of the pig BabeTommy Pickles on ‘Rugrats‘ and Buttercup on ‘The Powerpuff Girls‘, and piped her pipes on ‘The Voice’!

she and Morgan Fairchild (who played the big screen version of Dottie) finally met on the set of the 2011 film Boy Toy

the Santa Monica Mall/Third Street Promenade was not only home to Chuck’s Bike-O-Rama and Mario’s Magic shop, but also to Pretty In Pink‘s record store Trax, and numerous other filmed entertainments 


sadly, it doesn’t look like the 80s or Tim Burtony or Pee-wee-y anymore

btw – these ‘then & now’ Big Adventure filming location photos are beyond BLAMMMAZIN!!!  YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  I COMMAND YOU!!!

Francis Buxton‘s father – Ed Herlihy was famous for his voice – the voice of newsreels, and Kraft!

Ed Herlihy as Mr. Buxton

he played an announcer/newscaster in Zelig, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The King of Comedy, and Malcolm X

Ed Herlihy Bruce Mahler Police Academy 2

and he was also in Police Academy 2!

the director of the orphan-nun movie – Zack Hoffman


was also the voice of GI Joe‘s Zartan!

zasrtan 2

FCUKING ZARTAN!!! Zartan was so rock n roll!!!

ten 1953 Schwinn DX bikes were built for the film – and this one was sold (in pieces) for $36,600 back in March of 2014

pee wee bike

pee wee bike in pieces

no word on its current owner or status, but lets hope it has a good home

the guy who played Warner Bros studio chief Terry Hawthorne – Tony Bill

terry wb

terry wb pee wee

is an actor (Shampoo), director (Untamed Heart) and producer, who won an Oscar for producing 1973’s The Sting!!!!!

tony bill oscar

one the BMX biker kids – David Glasser 


is an up and coming movie producer


two wrestlers wrestled with Pee-wee…

Big John Harris/Silo Sam

pee wee big john

and Professor Tanaka (a tag team partner of Mr Fuji)

tanaka pee wee

no word on if the two ever wrestled each other!

Playhouse pals, and players in the original Pee-wee Herman Show stage production – Jambi (John Paragon), Miss Yvonne (Lynne Marie Stewart) and Mailman Mike (John Moody) all had bit parts in the movie

John Paragon jambi

yvonne pee wee

john moody pee wee

along with OG member and the film’s co-writer Phil Hartman + the film’s other co-writer Michael Varhol.  Edie McClurg was in the original stage show, and her brother Bob played a security guard in the movie

two dudes must have made some impression on Tim Burton that they appeared in his next film – Beetlejuice

Carmen Filpi

Carmen Filpi

and Simmy Bow

simmy bow

both are in the afterlife now, along with these cast members

Simone (Diane Salinger) and Pee-wee didn’t say ‘au revoir‘ for long, as they reunited to play the Penguin’s parents – the Cobblepots in Burton’s Batman Returns!!!!!!

simon pee

pee wee simone batman

Francis (Mark Holton) hasn’t had a credited role since 2008, which is a shame cause the guy is simply incredible


but he’s still around… and as of 2015, he’s never visited the Alamo (which apparently now has 2 basements!!!)

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure is one of my dad’s all time favorite movies.  same here.  we have good taste.  if you made it this far, you probably do too!



same-sex wedding cake by Baked

gay cake

may have to turn gay juss so I can get the wedding cake of my wet dreams, although I would have gone with Gung-Ho over Bazooka




gung ho shipwreck

shipwreck gungho_burst

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