So I Say Thank YouFor The Music

For giving it to me…

Leisure – 1991
‘There’s No Other Way’ [d]

Modern Life Is Rubbish – 1993
‘Villa Rosie’ [d]

Parklife – 1994
‘This Is A Low’ [d]

The Great Escape – 1995
‘Yuko & Hiro’ [d]

Trainspotting Soundtrack – 1996
‘Closet Romantic’ [d]

Blur – 1997
‘Song 2’ [d]

13 – 1999
‘Tender’ [d]

Ordinary Decent Criminal Soundtrack – 2000
‘Dying Isn’t Easy’ [d]

Gorillaz – 2001
’19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)’ [d]

Mali Music – 2002
‘Spoons’ [d]

Think Tank – 2003
‘Crazy Beat’ [d]

Democrazy – 2003
‘I Need A Gun’ [d]

Demon Days – 2005
‘Feel Good Inc’ [d]

Chemical World Single – 1993
cover of Rod Stewart’s
‘Maggie May’ [d]

The future is coming on?

Untitled Gorillaz Project (2007)

Super Crazy Ludacris Hologram World Tour (2007-2008?)

Blur Album (Never?)

Interplanetary Domination (TBD)

Happy 38th to the one dude I’d totally go gay for (b’sides Jude, Diego, Mr. Monopoly, and possibly Eddie), who also juss so happens to have the bestest human singing voice on the 3rd rock from the sun cock from the bun. And Damon, like Andy, please don’t ever die

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