John McClane Stevenson

Peace The Fork Out In Overdrive
a Pacemaker who didn’t have a pacemaker
Green Lantern’s green lighter
Dudley Do-Right’s doer
the rhyming Dodger
Divine’s dresser
the OG Wheez
major ones
go out 2
to the guy
who Booger played in Ray
the dude who made it safe to JO to female blue things

Marc Jacobs hearts kiddie porn

by the looks of it, her Current Royal Thighness may be headed to Hagville, where our first HRT, Lohag, rules the school

song dat currently makin me the opposite of sober? The Shirley Bassey-e sassy-e Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’ [d|vid]

go ahead, I dare you to send Andy Rooney your crap

while the Wii is slowly rollin out the oldies thru their virtual console dazzle (with some Commodore 64 titles comin in the future!), you can buy this thang and say g-bye to blowing your cartridges

Luscious Jackson’s Jill Cunniff goes solo. This news would be shocking if Luscious Jackson were still a band or if Jill Cuniff was riding my face like the Belmont Stakes. By the gay, her first LJ side-project, Kostars, is near and dear to my farts

Hootie & The Blowfishburger [Made of Brawn-steeeen]

Can you breastfeed if you have implants?

Can playing with a Slinky change the channels on your TV set?

Google’s patent search, although not endorsed by my father and brother, both patent laywers

OhMiBod [Girlhattan]

fess up, which one of you were searchin for ‘my sweet tits breasts anus naked butt thighs nude vagina hot camel toe poon tang clan heroes in a half shell

Wisconsin Man Runs Over, Eats Seven-Legged Transgendered Deer [Cruisespanko]

and the movie to beat for ’08’s Oscars? No, not Harry Pots 5 [trailer] or even Buy Apple or Die Hard [trailer], but the flick with a flying dog that’s got more Air than Bud, Underdog [Pakula Shaker]!

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