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Enjoy Everything You Touch

Brooklyn Steel
October 2

Q – who is my favorite modern band EVER (that isn’t Blur)?

A –



Somehow, and VERY sadly, I have only seen Ladytron once before – when they opened for the Chemical Bros (what a twin bill!!) back in the way day, and then, VERY sadly, missed their next NY date in 2011 because Uncle Grambo got married (a worthy exception), but nothing was going to keep me from Brooklyn Steel last night to see my ladies and my lads tron the sh#t out of my ears and soul


Ladytron’s latest show, supporting their MOS eggsalad self-titled album, was even more incredible than I ever could dream it up to be!!!  Sights and sounds that were quite the sight and beyond astounding!  I had worried that Helen’s voice (my favorite female singer voice EVER!!!) would have been drowned out by the band’s killer, throbbing, bangin’ music, but no, they leveled the audio just right, and her angelic siren calls rang thru just beautifully!!!  

The whole thing was perfection.  Sure, I would have loved to hear about 10 other songs from their catalog, but whatever they played blew the roof and my mind off!!!!

Catch the ladies and the lads on tour – currently in North America for a very short stint, before returning to our shores in December.  Hopefully they’ll take up my offer to play my apartment, and add that to their tour dates.  Thanks in advance ladies and ladstron!

SetlistBlack Cat / The Island / Ghosts / Soft Power / The Animals / Paper Highways / Deadzone / Runaway / Far From Home / Fighting in Built Up Areas / International Dateline / You’ve Changed / Tower of Glass [Live debut] / Discotraxx

EncoreWhite Gold / Seventeen / Destroy Everything You Touch


Ladytron: Leg Easy

“Ladytron returns to form on their self-titled new album! Welcome back guys!!!  And never leave us again!!  Album is so killer that it gives me a perma-Lady-tron-boner!!  I give Ladytron 17 stars ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★!”

– Thigh Master

listen to it in all of its Ladytron glory over at NPR

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Thighs Wide Music 2011

you know the drill – we know nothing of new music (we only listened to four new releases and only liked two of them), cause we love old music, and yer probably muse-sick of hearing all this, but who flipping cares.  by the way, what is Skrillex?  by the way, who flapping cares???????  OK, without further apoo or aplomb or aplum or anapricot

You Can Call
These Al-bums!!!

Bestest Merging of Ladies
& Tron Album of The Year

Ladytron – Gravity The Seducer


Bestest Music
To Drink The Kool-Aid To

Cults – Cults


Reissue That Will Make You
Grab Lotion & Tissues

The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions


That Electrified Our Ovaries

Harry Nilsson – Nilsson Schmilsson



Miriam Makeba – Her Essential Recordings:
The Empress of African Song


Tunses For Toonces

Abducted‘ by Cults

And The Living Is Easy‘ by Guts

Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win‘ by The Beastie Boys featuring Santigold

Friday‘ by Rebecca Black

Immigrant Song‘ by Karen O, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Lina Magic‘ by 3D Friends

Mirage‘ by Ladytron

Nightcall‘ - by Kavinsky featuring Lovefoxxx

Oh My Heart‘ by R.E.M.

Pata Pata‘ by Miriam Makeba

Sexy Boy‘ by The Fallen Angels 

She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)‘ by Roxette

Surf’s Up (Piano Demo)‘ by The Beach Boys

+ a biiiiiig ole bonus juss for you – a complete Harry Nillsson primer pack of greatlinessness!! cause you have no idea who he is or how greatlinessness he is/was!!!


Men of a Concert-ain Age

(old folks home edition!)

Paul Simon @ The Beacon

Brian Wilson @ The Wellmont (we shook his hand!!)

The Monkees @ The Beacon

U2 @ Ghettolands II

Crosby, Stills & Nash @ The Beacon

& the past is the passed out


and a final goodbye and a thank you for the music Mr Rob Grill, whose roots were totally grassed

see you in the future, 2012, yo!


re: Views

Bill Cunningham New York
[website | buy | Netflix]

Woah, who’s that old perv above taking then sneaky shots of ladies’ legs??  Shouldn’t he be locked up, or at least have the pervy decency to wear a trench-coat?  Heck no!  That’s Mr Bill Cunningham, street fashion photographer extraordinaire, who writes shoots what he sees, and then the people see what he sees and then those sees seen sometimes become like the latest rave in threads and kicks and stuff!  It’s all true, but for those of us who don’t frequent his NY Times ‘On The Street’ thing and don’t know no nothing about all this and him and that, we should be berry thankful that Richard Press’ lovely doc Bill Cunningham New York exists.  You watch this thing and you will see a man who does nothing but work work work work, and has the best time in the world doing so, all while being beyond beloved and respected by fashionistas everywhere.  You will see a man who wants for nothing, a man who eats on the cheap even more than we do, and a man who’s majority of furniture consists of filing cabinets filled with his work.  You will also see a man who is never without a smile.  Watch it, and you will be frown-less as well.  DEVELOP THIS!!!


Ladytron – Gravity The Seducer
[website | buy | stream]

Female singers are awesomes, especially when they’ve got cool bleeps and noises and synths and shizzle ba flizzes backing them up.  That combination of sweet sweet music is one of the reasons we’ve been bobbing our heads for years to the lithe Liverpudlian ladies of Ladytron.  While their latest, Gravity The Seducer, may not be the mos rockenist album in their catalog, it may be their mos gravity seducing one.  IT’S TRUE!!!  There’s only one song we didn’t care for (‘Moon Palace’), but all the rest we cared about, a lot!!!  The first words you hear on the album are ‘Surrender with me.’  WE SURRENDERED RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!!!  That’s also true.  We’d hactually go as far to say that Gravity The Seducer is the best new album we’ve heard this year…





…out of the three we’ve listened to!



They Were The Night

The Chemical Brothers
Ladytron & The Rub
McCarren Pool
August 22nd

Us kids today aint got no Pink Floyd laser light shows to help tear down our innerwalls, but in my humboldt opinion, The Chemical Brothers’ ear and eye candy-a-thon that they call a ‘concert’ and I call ‘two blokes turning knobs’ is the closet thing we have to it. While much hullabaloo was made of Daft Punk’s rawkin recent shows in the US of A, probably cause they’ve rarely played here, The Chems have been workin the same kinda euphoric dance magic here, there and everywhere many a times over in this new century. Sure, they may not be robots or turnin’ said knobs in a pyramid, but Tom Rowlands and Lily Allen-friendly Ed Simons time and thyme again put on the best pre-recorded show on earth. Saturday’s show at McCarren Pool was no different (includin perfectly matched opening sets from playgirls Ladytron and miller kash-ups by DJs The Rub), as the Bros Chem mixed in hot tunes from their mos franztastic new jounks, We Are The Night. Buy it curly and moften!!!

A Modern Midnight Conversation‘ [d]

foe-toes from Friday’s show @ Hammerstein

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