Thighs Wide Music 2011

you know the drill – we know nothing of new music (we only listened to four new releases and only liked two of them), cause we love old music, and yer probably muse-sick of hearing all this, but who flipping cares.  by the way, what is Skrillex?  by the way, who flapping cares???????  OK, without further apoo or aplomb or aplum or anapricot

You Can Call
These Al-bums!!!

Bestest Merging of Ladies
& Tron Album of The Year

Ladytron – Gravity The Seducer


Bestest Music
To Drink The Kool-Aid To

Cults – Cults


Reissue That Will Make You
Grab Lotion & Tissues

The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions


That Electrified Our Ovaries

Harry Nilsson – Nilsson Schmilsson



Miriam Makeba – Her Essential Recordings:
The Empress of African Song


Tunses For Toonces

Abducted‘ by Cults

And The Living Is Easy‘ by Guts

Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win‘ by The Beastie Boys featuring Santigold

Friday‘ by Rebecca Black

Immigrant Song‘ by Karen O, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Lina Magic‘ by 3D Friends

Mirage‘ by Ladytron

Nightcall‘ – by Kavinsky featuring Lovefoxxx

Oh My Heart‘ by R.E.M.

Pata Pata‘ by Miriam Makeba

Sexy Boy‘ by The Fallen Angels 

She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)‘ by Roxette

Surf’s Up (Piano Demo)‘ by The Beach Boys

+ a biiiiiig ole bonus juss for you – a complete Harry Nillsson primer pack of greatlinessness!! cause you have no idea who he is or how greatlinessness he is/was!!!


Men of a Concert-ain Age

(old folks home edition!)

Paul Simon @ The Beacon

Brian Wilson @ The Wellmont (we shook his hand!!)

The Monkees @ The Beacon

U2 @ Ghettolands II

Crosby, Stills & Nash @ The Beacon

& the past is the passed out


and a final goodbye and a thank you for the music Mr Rob Grill, whose roots were totally grassed

see you in the future, 2012, yo!

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