They Were The Night

The Chemical Brothers
Ladytron & The Rub
McCarren Pool
August 22nd

Us kids today aint got no Pink Floyd laser light shows to help tear down our innerwalls, but in my humboldt opinion, The Chemical Brothers’ ear and eye candy-a-thon that they call a ‘concert’ and I call ‘two blokes turning knobs’ is the closet thing we have to it. While much hullabaloo was made of Daft Punk’s rawkin recent shows in the US of A, probably cause they’ve rarely played here, The Chems have been workin the same kinda euphoric dance magic here, there and everywhere many a times over in this new century. Sure, they may not be robots or turnin’ said knobs in a pyramid, but Tom Rowlands and Lily Allen-friendly Ed Simons time and thyme again put on the best pre-recorded show on earth. Saturday’s show at McCarren Pool was no different (includin perfectly matched opening sets from playgirls Ladytron and miller kash-ups by DJs The Rub), as the Bros Chem mixed in hot tunes from their mos franztastic new jounks, We Are The Night. Buy it curly and moften!!!

A Modern Midnight Conversation‘ [d]

foe-toes from Friday’s show @ Hammerstein

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