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Enjoy Everything You Touch

Brooklyn Steel
October 2

Q – who is my favorite modern band EVER (that isn’t Blur)?

A –



Somehow, and VERY sadly, I have only seen Ladytron once before – when they opened for the Chemical Bros (what a twin bill!!) back in the way day, and then, VERY sadly, missed their next NY date in 2011 because Uncle Grambo got married (a worthy exception), but nothing was going to keep me from Brooklyn Steel last night to see my ladies and my lads tron the sh#t out of my ears and soul


Ladytron’s latest show, supporting their MOS eggsalad self-titled album, was even more incredible than I ever could dream it up to be!!!  Sights and sounds that were quite the sight and beyond astounding!  I had worried that Helen’s voice (my favorite female singer voice EVER!!!) would have been drowned out by the band’s killer, throbbing, bangin’ music, but no, they leveled the audio just right, and her angelic siren calls rang thru just beautifully!!!  

The whole thing was perfection.  Sure, I would have loved to hear about 10 other songs from their catalog, but whatever they played blew the roof and my mind off!!!!

Catch the ladies and the lads on tour – currently in North America for a very short stint, before returning to our shores in December.  Hopefully they’ll take up my offer to play my apartment, and add that to their tour dates.  Thanks in advance ladies and ladstron!

SetlistBlack Cat / The Island / Ghosts / Soft Power / The Animals / Paper Highways / Deadzone / Runaway / Far From Home / Fighting in Built Up Areas / International Dateline / You’ve Changed / Tower of Glass [Live debut] / Discotraxx

EncoreWhite Gold / Seventeen / Destroy Everything You Touch


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