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Keep On Runnering

Blade Runner 2049
Blades of Stole (The Show)
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R | 164 min

My memory is fuzzy, like radiated Las Vegas 2049 yellow-orange fuzzy, but I cannot recall a belated sequel to hit the mark so well as Denis Villeneuve‘s Blade Runner 2049 done does.  It takes the best aspects of Ridley Scott’s original – mood, neon, music – and leaves behind all the stuff that didn’t work – boringness, rain, more rain – and gives us something that both honors the original, and surpasses it altogether by taking the good bad future to a whole nother fucking level!!

Also, FINALLY, someone did something useful with and old dormant Harrison Ford character, and not only dusted him off, but perfectly polished him up (but you’ll have to wait til the third act to see him).  Same cannot be said when he returned as Indy and had the fridge nuked, or when Han Solo was forced admit his friend was some old turtle with buttholes for eyes!!!  Maybe instead of wishing for more Star Wars, we should have been wishing for more Blade Runner all this time!!!!!

and instead of going on and on, lets get to the point about what I loved…

Gosling.  he is so hot, and soooo cool

his holographic robot whatever houseslave woman is even HOTTTER than him.  and that scene where they do the thing in Her, but actually make it work – BOY O’BOY!!!!

my LORD, do I want to put my arms’s around Ana de Armas and her FCUKCING CRAZY/SEXY/AMAZING EYEBALLS!!

and she’s like a Cuban Tiffani-Amber ‘Senior’ Thiessen!!!

but enough about her… for now

and oh, I love that even if some of the companies promoted in the first movie are kaput (or mostly), they still live on in 2049!!

and that the love of The Neverending Story will never end!!!

and a zillion other things that were awesome too! 

but don’t worry, if you don’t love Jared Leto there isn’t that much Jared Leto in the movie 

also, wasn’t really a fan of Sylvia Hoeks’ hairdo in the flick.  She’s no Rachael!

also, your mom!

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Blade Runs quite well a theater near jews and white nationalists

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Drugs, Not Hugs

Dallas Buyers Club
Membership Has It’s Privileges – Avoiding Death
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R | 117 min

dallas buyers club

Ron Woodroof was a real man, with a real mustache.  He did chicks & drugs, drank an a$$load, and was a rodeo hard rider – a true Dallas cowboy.  But how can a cowboy avoid being negative by being HIV positive?  Woodroof contracted the disease in 1985, when a diagnosis of such basically = death, but he refused his death sentence.  No cure exists, and barely any treatments did back then, but Woodroof took the bull by the horns on his own, and tried to get better, by any means possible – barely legal and beyond illegal.  When America and the FDA provided no answers or help, Woodfroof sought out his own treatment south of the border, and headed back up north with a trunkload of supplies to help himself and others.  He formed a club, where a paid membership came with free drugs.  It’s like Robin Hood with AIDS drugs, for a profit, where no one really wins!

Based off of Dallas Morning News‘ Bill Minutaglio’s 1992 article, ‘s Dallas Buyers Club chronicles Woodroof’s struggle with being a straight man contracting such a ‘gay’ disease, and how he fought it at every turn.   plays Woodroof, inside and outside – from the twang, the stache, down to the being as skinny as humanly possibles, which is basically a skeleton with 1 cm of skin.  WOAH.  And McConaughey plays the living SH!T outta this character.  He usually does of any character, but we sometimes forget this, cause sometimes he’s starring in garbage romantic comedies with Goldie Hawn’s daughter.  Joining him on the ‘fun’ are a sympathetic nurse, blaaaaaaaaaah-ly played by the always blah , and  as a transsexual club employee AND member, that you won’t soon un-re-member.  Also, there are about 3 other actors with awesome MUST-staches that are a MUST see in their own right!

VerdictgoJeepers Mos Def Worth A Peepers

enroll in the Club – currently in limited release

rood wood

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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