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We were dragged to Step Up 1 kicking and screaming, and came out of the theater kicking our heels!  We were more of a willing participant when Step Up 2 The Streets hit the streets, and we came out of the theater with precipitating pants!!  Words cannot describe our anticipation leading up to the release of the 3-D third edish, which was 2 years in the making/baking!!!  And?  And??  And?????????????????? STEP UP 3-D TOTES STEPPED IT UP LIKE TIMES 18 ZILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Check your plot and cares at the door, cause Step Up 3-D is 111% fun and probably the only other modern 3-D movie worth seeing besides Avatar.  This is a 3-D movie that points and throws things at us, the audience, and that, to us, is what 3-D is and should be all about.  CHEW ON THAT!!!  Bless you director Jon Chu!!!  We’d mention the screenwriters too, but there was more attention (spankfully) paid to the choreography than there was to the stenography!!!  And Moose (Adam G. Sevani, who’s like a cross between Harpo Marx, Jack White and Mike Damone from Fast Times) returns, even MOOSEYER than ever!!!!!!!! And now he’s stepped up to college at NYU, and after being in Washington Square Park for all of 8 seconds he’s instantly dragged into the underground dancing scene and things get all Breakin’ 2 Electric Awesome Glue!!! And Rick Malambri has a slick body and and even slicker 4 o’clock shadow and Alyson Stoner doesn’t get stoned, but the auidence will be trippin out!!!  And Joe Slaughter is a class A screen a$$hole, like Bradley Cooper, but with even less charm and even lessssser acting skill$$$, and then… ZARDOZ, but before that, there’s this vision Vinson of beauty…

Over Under On How Many Times You JO To This Girl From Down Under?: please do squeeze the Sharni… Vinson!

Verdictgo: 9 star cinema!!!!!! aka Breast In Show

Step Up steps it UP!!!!!! currently at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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  1. Yeah step up 1 and 2 are great movies, I don't have a chance to watch step up 3D because I'm kinda busy, but I'm sure this movie will step it up!

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