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Orange Crushing It

(Warner Bros., 1971) Original designer’s proof sweater, made in the UK by Mike Ross, known as ‘The Ritva Man’, with a 35” chest, size small. Made exclusively for Stanley Kubrick to commemorate his film for only the most important cast and crew members, this extremely limited sweater features an Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell) appliqué, droog eyeball patches on right and left sleeves, a RITVA MAN tag and the number “1” embroidered in the collar. There is also a handwritten tag reading, “Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick, HAWK FILMS, designers proof , 1/3, Edition of 30, 1972 MR (Mike Ross)”

Any surviving example of this rare artifact would be extraordinary, let alone the #1 artist’s proof in unused, unhandled condition with virtually no signs of aging. Besides this Kubrick commission, Ross designed specially made sweaters for The Rolling Stones and other major celebrities, and he and his wife Ritva Ross are credited with such fashion innovations as the knitted mini-dress. Their work, sold from a boutique in Chelsea, is heavily influenced by popular culture and contemporary art, and they collaborated with David Hockney, Allen Jones, and others of the time. According to a key Kubrick production team member, only a handful of these sweaters were actually produced and presented, not the entire edition of 30 as planned. One of the most iconic and exceptional artifacts from a unique synchronicity of talents

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Set On The Quiet

The Artist
Silence Is Mostly Golden
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PG-13 | 100 min

Ah, the era of silent films.  Long forgotten and loved by so few in today’s world of gabfests and explosions.  In the past year we us ourselves have grown a love for the dialog-free flicks that were so flappertastic… which explains why we’ve spent many an hours digging in the past for endless bobbed photos.  The bygone format may have collected dust, but cinema has paid tribute here and there, from Sunset Boulevard, to Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie, to the maudlin madness of Guy Maddin‘s mizzles, and now with The Artist, Frenchie writer/director Michel Hazanavicius‘ loud-quiet love letter that’s sealed with a giant sloppy kiss

The artist in The Artist is mustachioed George Valentin (the dashing and playful Jean Dujardin), a star of the silents, with the look of Douglas Fairbanks, a name like Rudolph Valentino’s, and a ‘talkies killed my career’ tale, that sent the likes of stars Pola Negri, Ramon Novarro, Clara Bow, Colleen Moore, John Gilbert (the list sadly goes on and on and) into early acting retirement.  The sentiment on display is a welcome one, but the story, a little too simplistic.  Hazanavicius, his artist Dujardin, and gal vendredi Bérénice Bejo have driven us down this road before.  If you’ve seen their OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies Bondish spoof [trailer], you’ll know they are more than capable of putting the period pieces together.  And just like with OSS 117, The Artist is a beautifully polished homage with the right rah-rah spirit, but it doesn’t exactly score touchdown after touchdown

STILL, The Artist is worth seeing cause we need to be reminded of that time and that place and of those movies that had no talking, and what happened when their time was up, and it was time to start talking.  And where else are you going to see Uggie the dog doing awesome stuff (sadly no skateboarding) in B&W, John Goodman being loud without saying a word, or James Cromwell being sweet without a pig that talks?  Or find bonus employment for fine folks like Penelope Ann MillerMalcolm McDowellKen ‘Borat’s buddy’ Davitian, Nina ‘sister of Casey’ Siemaszko (see below), Joel ‘brother of Bill’ Murray and Bill ‘Dauber from Coach‘ Fagerbakke??!!  FREKKIN DAUBER!!!  FROM COACH!!!

moral of the story: The Artist is the best silent film of the year, and probably the best silent film since maybe the end of the silent era (both proclamations don’t really say much… or do they???), and you’ve probably have seen zero silent movies, so start with this, and then open Pandora’s Box to all the other silent pleasures that eggsist in the fine history of the cinema. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

SiemaszKOed: wethinks we’re in love with Nina ‘sister of Casey’ Siemaszko. she went from having a license to drive

to having a license to be MAD ADORABLE!!!!!!

and havings a license to show off her assets!!!!!!!!!!!! [NSFW]

VerdictgoJeepers Worth A Peepers

The Artist takes up residence in NY & LA this Friday, and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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