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I’ll Drank To That

When the Dinner Bell Rings at the Zoo – ‘Windy’ the Orangutan, is getting old and so gets his food in liquid form. ‘Windy’ has been the delight of children visitors at the Bronx Zoo in New York for a long time now. photo dated May 29, 1922


Gif Exchange

I want YOU to make gifs for the internet, cause the internet and you and me need them.  and thanks to giphy’s handy new Gif Maker tool, you easily can!!!

I made some gifs from this, for this!

cause the world needs em

(or they don’t know they need them yet)


cap stone of Washington Monument without lightning rods

monument cyu

wash mounment apex

by Theodor Horydczak


An Inconvenient Ruth

On July 5, 1924, Washington Senators first baseman Joe Judge hit a fly ball to right field, Babe Ruth ran as hard as he could after the ball that was slicing foul, before Ruth got to the ball he got knocked out when he ran into the concrete wall. There he was the Great Bambino knocked out cold for five minutes. The Babe recovers after Yankees’ trainer Doc Woods pours some cold water on his face, and insisted on staying in the game. Despite a bruised pelvic bone and most certainly battling post-concussion syndrome, Ruth hit a double in his next at-bat and went 3-for-4 the next day with two doubles and a home run

[pic via LoC]

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