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– Remember all that hubb-bubb over Britney Spears’ suicide music video? Well, doesn’t matter anymore as she decided to leave those scenes in. Link via Stereogum via Sinker.

Don’t stay in the bath too long or you’ll end
up like that slimey bizatch in The Shining

– Melly Mel Gibson is shopping around the TV rights for The Christ to major networks. The main issue is that Melly wants it to be aired un-edited. If it we to be edited down, the movie would just be 20 minutes of the Marys constantly crying and a bunch of dirty-looking Jews.

– Andie McDowell, who’s been more MIA than JD Salinger, is set to co-star as a sassy southern hairdresser in the Barbershop spinoff, Beauty Shop. After this poopfest, I bet there’ll be a crossover movie with the Friday and Shop serieseses. It’ll be called The Barbershop After Next starring Nipsey Russell, 3rd Bass, and Michael Rappappapport.

– After gettin’ their first store in late January, Hawiians have gone absolutley crazy ga-ga for Krispy Kreme donuts. So much so that when they leave the island via plane they stock-up on em in the (baker’s) dozens. Maybe when Iraq is up and running, we can install a Krispy Kreme there so they can learn the ways of our obese country. Go USA!!

– Best headline I’ve seen in years: Man Wins Right to Erect 30-Foot Hot Dog. City officials tried to stop the plans, claiming that more erections would follow and it could make their city look like the Las Vegas strip, but we all know the real reason is penis envy.

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