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Christine Keeler by Lewis Morley, 1963

Christine Keeler by Brian Duffy, 1964

Christine Keeler by David Bailey, 1969


Eye Black Hawk Down

black eye

Bobby Hull and Denise Pilote, 8, get a closeup look at the black eye worn by Pierre Pilote of the Chicago Blackhawks after a practice session on February 12, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois



63 batmobile

63 batmobile 2

63 batmobile 4

63 batmobile 3

Earliest Known Officially Licensed 1963 Batmobile. What is believed to be the world’s first car that became an officially licensed Batmobile was conceived and customized starting in 1960 by 23-year-old Forrest Robinson. After finishing the design, Robinson and a young friend, Len Perham, begun building the car in the Robinson family barn. Robinson completed the car in 1963-two years before the George Barris customization of the TV Batmobile was started. The ’63 Batmobile’ is the earliest known car in existence that was sanctioned by a DC Comics licensee

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