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Lincoln Centered

amphibian aircraft on reflecting pool in front of Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, 1923 [LoC]


Cave of Unforgotten Dreams

did you know that there’s a giant cavern underneath the Lincoln Memorial, filled with stalactites and stalagmites???????

how do we know this?  somehow, someway, when wees was a kid, we had the über-rare chance to take a tour underneath Abe’s chair, and while our memory has receded over the years (college does that to you), we have never forgotten about that tour.  we even started having crazy flashbacks when watching the fellowship run round in the Mines of Moria!!!  it’s true!!

yo, juss CHECK OUT THIS TOUR FOOTAGE FROM 1988!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! including a close-up of Mutt & Jeff drawings on a wall!!!!!!!!!!!  incredibles!!!!!!!!!!

well, we took a recent look into it and apparently tours do happen, but remain rare, if not next to impossible to take.  we’re sure 9/11 made it even more impossiblerer!!!

somehow these peoples below were able to make it happen back in 2008, so there is hope!!!

here are some other people who remember taking the tour… decades ago

National Park Service’s GeoStory of the Lincoln Memorial

1961 newspaper article about the cavern

help me help you and lets finger out how we can take a tour of the basement of the Alamo Lincoln Memorial!!!  write your congresswoman today!!!!!!!

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