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The ARTful Codger

Art Garfunkel
Carnegie Hall
October 3rd

work of Art, all the thyme

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Dude, Simon and Garfunkel are ALIVE and WE LIVE IN A TIME WHERE THEY BOTH LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!  BLESS THIS TIME!!!! And while they may be taking a break from being old friends with one another, they are still worth seeing on their own (although I literally pray day in and day out that they reunite, and if they do, I would literally and figuratively pay whatever to see them play together again… even though I’ve already seen them together twice, which was the best everrrrrrrrrrrrr, and probably already told you all these things already a bazillion times already).  Anywho, for Simon & Garfunkel, Paul wrote all the songs, and Art sang them all beautifully, sometimes more so than Paul, so seeing Art solo is essential.  I did it before, I did it the other night, and I’d do it again.  ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But where for Art thou Paul????

Setlist - April Come She Will / The Boxer / A Heart in New York / All I Know / Perfect Moment / Scarborough Fair / The Side of a Hill / A Poem on the Underground Wall 

Second Set – Devoted to You (The Everly Brothers) / Smile (Charlie Chaplin) / Homeward Bound / Real Emotional Girl (Randy Newman) / For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her / Bright Eyes (Mike Batt) / The Sound of Silence / Kathy’s Song / Let It Be Me (The Everly Brothers) / Bridge Over Troubled Water 

EncoreNow I Lay Me Down to Sleep 

art paul

paul art


Old Friends

Paul Simon
Beacon Theater
May 10th

Paul Simon really aint that crazy after all these years.  He’s juss solidly normal, and mad awesomeszsz.   And he still sounds eggzactly like he always has.  And he still loves his frikkin slow jams.  We do too, but kindsa only the S & Garfunkel stuff (he gave us only 2 of them bones), and not that boring-a$$ ‘Slip Sliding Away’ type shaz or the snail-like tracks he chose to play from his new album, which is hactually a pretty good one… for a 69 year old!!  LETS SEE YER DAD COME UP WITH SOMETHING BETTERER!!!

Simon’s solo catalog is vast, and at its best when he breaks out the latter Graceland & Rhythm of the Saints stuffs.  Oh man, we almost jazzed in our pants when he kicked out ‘Obvious Child’ and ‘Boy In The Bubble’ (which made up for that concert that could have been the greatestest concert of all time if he didn’t let other people sing his songs)

We were kinda expecting a sirprize guest at the show.  Maybe some Art G-ness?  Or how bout Chevy Chase for some ‘Al’ calling (it’s the song that made us fall in love with Paul as a youth)???  There was none of that, and it really wasn’t necessary anywayz, cause we all got a beautiful 2 hour show from one of music’s all-time greeeeeeeeeeeaaattts

Speaking of his iconic status… we don’ts thinks he gets the kinda love that he should from the world.  THIS IS A LIVING LEGEND, FOLKS!!!  WE MUST CELEBRATE THE/HIS LIVING!!!!  ONE DAY PAUL SIMON WON’T BE ON THIS EARTH AND YER GONNA BE SO PISSED YOU DIDN’T CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT HIM WHEN HE WAS LIVINGS!!!!

We literally pray night & gay for his health and for the day that S & G hit the road again and drop some MSG dates on us.  we’d honestly pay $300 to see them.  only thing else we’d pay that much for is amour et spaghetti con Leonor Watling [lightly NSFW]

set list

Crazy Love, Vol. II / Dazzling Blue / 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover / So Beautiful or So What / Slip Slidin’ Away / Vietnam (Jimmy Cliff cover) / Mother and Child Reunion / That Was Your Mother / Hearts and Bones / Mystery Train-Wheels / Rewrite / Peace Like a River / The Obvious Child / The Only Living Boy in New York (Simon & Garfunkel song) / Love Is Eternal Sacred Light / Father and Daughter / Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes / Gumboots

Encore – The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel song) / Kodachrome / Gone At Last / Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles cover) / The Boy in the Bubble

Encore 2 – Still Crazy After All These Years / Late in the Evening

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