Tar Heels All Wounds

while you were livin it up wherever you was bein this past tweakend, I was gettin my Ole McDonald on in St Nowhere, for the second time in 1/2 a year (please lord, don’t let it happen again!!). Sure, it wasn’t no club taradise, but anything was heaven on hearth after the muggy bogues that was Miami Bitch

this may not look like much to you

but if it means that you dont have to
take a dump outside
den this shiz is more majestic than the Taj Mahal!

twas three thymes a charm
as we finally succumbed
and came all over ourselves

after scarfin down
‘jangles sweet sweetback’s baadasssss’
BoBerry & Cinnamon Sweet Biscuits

who’s ever heard of a Tatung anything?

Hell, I wouldn’t even let Hitler use this piece of Ta-crap

RDU blows goats cause they wouldn’t let me smuggle
2 cans of Cheerwine north of the Anthony Mason-Juan Dixon line

but they made up for it by having an all-ACC sto

and gots a few mo bonus points

for the bestest use of two A’s since
Amsterdam’s Centraal Station

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