A Side Order of Reunion Rings

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (aka MEW) totally makes me want to live free and die with a hard on

[mo snapsz]

not to be outdone by the Verve gettin their swerve on again and the Spice Girls makin round 2 become 1 zillion dollars, Page, Plant & Paul Jones to reunite in honor of the man that Booger played in Ray

James Gandolfini Shot By Closure-Seeking Fan

The Cyclone turned 80, and you didn’t, jerks!

Cuthbest gets her hands dirty

Princess Di was once hungry like a wolf for Bon, Simon LeBon

Shawn Edwards to play D.L. Hughley in a biopic called On The DL

Love Actually cutie patootie extraordinaire Martine McCutcheon finally gets employed. No more dole for her, unless of course, she decides to take me and Lucy Pinder up on that offer to recreate the NSFW champagne titties scene from Wild Things, but instead of the bubbly, we’d use a tin of Dole pineapple juice instead!

Spencer Elden, aka the baby on Nirvana’s Nevermind cover, is all growns up

[Wiki/Spakula Shaker]

Retrocrush’s 100 Worst Cover Songs

101 things all sports fans must experience before they die

how do you take yer Bialystock? With Bloom or ala Starosielce?

animated gifs galore of some Indian actress dancin on a beach

Why are public toilet seats always ‘U’ shaped?

zero bids for a Robin Williams Smiling Life Mask Cast from Bicentennial Man? Oh the humanity!!

internal vaginal casts

this guy is serious [NSFW]

and from Seoul Brotha #1/Jew of the East…


a lil taste from the first day of Indy 4 shooting!!!

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