Indy 4 Play

So what can we gleam from the first set pic of Indy 4, taken by Steven Spielberg (which shouldn’t be confused with Steven Spielberg’s Taken)?

[click to make larger]

* this will be Indy’s dustiest adventure yet!

* the good doctor may or may not have lost 2 to 3 of the fingers on his right hand

* the red stains on his pants indicate that he muss really overload his hamburgers with ketchup

* the partially unbuttoned shirt is a symbol of solidarity for Anne Heche’s custody battle for her children. The two appeared in Six Days Seven Nights together, where his chest was prominently on display on that movie’s poster

* Ralph Scherer, the dolly grip for this installment, probably was the one who wrote ‘Grip’ on the stick behind Ford. Why? One can only guess that it’s a rather lame attempt to draw attention to his sole acting credit as the ‘Poetry Reader’ from the urban knock-off of Can’t Buy Me Love, Love Don’t Cost a Thing

* and the man’s foot in the background is in the shape of the letter ‘i’, which we all know is how Jehovah is spelled in Latin

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